Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm running. Still running. I don't even remember when did the race start. But I've been running for a long time. At times it seems I've made it to the finishing line. But soon it becomes clear that one race ends only to signal the start of a new one.
I get accolades. I miss certain things, too. I have to compromise on a few things that i want to do, like going on a camping trip or trekking or backpacking. Because, the moment you divert your attention, the race will become meaningless. So I keep running. I see my dreams passing away, my track doesn't go through them. I see the face of my friends and loved ones, waiting for me. But I don't have the time to say hi to them. I keep running.
Some people are running along with me on the parallel tracks. Our direction changes in the next race. Some come back on another race, only to be diverted again after some time.
I keep running.The race becomes exhausting at times, but once I got used to it- I enjoy the run. The current race is for 3 years, after which there will be a new one about which I know nothing.

The races are endless. One is supposed to run all his life. But I might stop one day. Then I'll walk slowly, enjoying the feeling of the grass below my feet, the warmth of the shining sun,the beauty of the clouds, the music of the rains. I might get back to the faces i overtook, I might left the track and go on exploring a virgin road. But...
But that will happen only when I'd realize I've run enough, enough for a life time. For now, I've to keep on running.
And I'm.