Saturday, December 24, 2005

what would i do......if i be like you

i got this tag through a comment. and i like it instantly..I am choosing Soumyadip( my target to write this post. and here it goes.........

WHAT WOULD I DO.......IF I BE LIKE SOUMYADIP shall I start it day i wake up and see i'm living soumyadip's life...

so it's delhi...nice to be gimme a brake from my kolkata life...oh no!!!!i have to cook for myself and need to go office and do work......yukkkk...anyway, i only hope it's the pay day.......s that i can spend al the money he have earned.....

and i love my new capability of writing with lefe hand and i can write poems, icing of the cake is that now all his girlfriends are mine.....hmmmm

as far as office is concerned....i'll get the cheque and bunk the duties......who cares with that job anyway...(I hope tomorrow i'll return to my dwaipayan's life......otherwise i'm finished)

and i love my new digital camera....

but just as the day is maturing to the afternoon.....i'm missing dwaipayan's life....i'm missing my(i mean his)messy room and the weirdo pc. i'm missing his crazyness...i'm missing his childishness...(I'll never confess this things, but as i'm soumyadip now.......i can)......and i want to go back. i know soumyadip has loads of girlfriends and dwaipayan's crush has got back to her boyfriend .......but still i'd love t see her and spend time with her......why spoil the friendship????

so i'm getting back to my own life......Soumyadip's life wont suit me......

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a break through decision

Debarati, a friend of mine, was doing her postgraduation on biochemistry. but at the end of their 1st semester, she leaved it. she said, she's not willing to work hard on something she doesn't find interesting and moreover she wants to start earning soon. so now she's preparing for CAT and wants to be an MBA.

well, I don't know whether this is a wise ecision or a stupid one. I only know that she got the toper's subject leaving it was harder than getting it.yet she took the decision. all the best for ur future, debarati.

sometimes I also wish to do other things. apart from my field ..... i want to help a distressed soul or to bring smile to a sad face..I love counselling people and entertaining them. I'd love to do part time job in an NGO or to be a freelance writer..... but i don't have the courage.......

so my world is still governed by DNA, RNA, Protein, Chlorophylls and other equally boring things.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Some people do the same mistake over and over. they are incorrigible.
and I am one of them.I am an incorrigible lover.
I fall in love, got hurt, come out of it, promise never to fall in love and just as the wounds start healing...My heart starts beating for someone again.

again this happened. this time we are classmates and we go together to the metro station.she is still in a relationship. and she's trying to come out of it. i know that she wont be ready for a new relationship at this moment. but I can't control my adamant heart. It keeps on beating at mere sight of her. and since tomorrow i started joking by saying that I'm head over hills in her love. today at the station I was a bit down...and she was asking me the reason of it. i gave some hint......she went away.her departing words were,"dont really fall in love head over hills with me, it will be so problematic"(ok, i acept, she said some trivial things after that, but it sounds more romantic to say that it was her departing words.)

I thought to forget it. and to say tha i was just extending the joke.That would be hard for me, but then I am a good actor at times. I had made up my mind and started writing this post.......

she called me up, and asked me," are u upset of anything i said?"
-"no, not at all"
and then started the conversation of the most trivial things and above all the conversation of silence.......

shall I change my decision??? or what should i do??? plzzz give me ur valuable and even the cheap suggetions, too. I'm waiting.....

Saturday, December 10, 2005


yesterday after reharshing for sometimes we all decided to catch a movie and finaaly went to a theatrw close to our college to see a movie called NEA AND NIKKI.

we were total 8, all from the pg!st year of botany department. and we went in the hall.
one of us, debarchana, was least inclined to see the movie due to the hero. she doesn't like him. shakri, another friend of us, told her that there are probably 18 to 21 smooching scene and so she should watch it. debarchana got excited. but once the movie started, she was highly disapponted. there were plainty of attraction for the eyes of we boys.. she was getting pissed.
suddenly the hero and heroine smooched and we were shocked to hear a screm:" one, one , one" she was counting it and sscreaming on top of her voice in delight.
it was followed by applause from the whole audience including us. we counted total 13 smooching scenes the longest one was of 30 seconds. the next one was of 24 sec.

we heard another scream. this time shakri screamed in ecstasy to see avishek bachchan .

there were loads of fun. and its a funky movie. and really nice one to see with friends. and according to debarchana, its an educative one ( for the girls who wants to attain anythig by using their "assets". we have one of that kind in our class)

anyway, that's all for now. and r u interestd to know what was the topic of our conversation today??????
everyone was talking about their experience of the "first kiss"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Newton, Gravity,The Apple And Botany

the thought of writing a post on this topic came to mind while attending plant physiology lecture. I thought of developing it into a nice skit but due to my laziness I did nothing. so it's better to write as it is or the idea will be forever lost in the crowd of my endless thoughts. enough of's the main thing

what's the most famous discovery of physics?? probably gravity. we all know, irrespentive of our field, about the story of Newton watching the falling of an apple and discovering gravity.
probably u all know the story since ur childhood. so plz answer. what the story is about???? physics????

surprise!!!!!! my dear. botany is the key factor behind this great discovery.let me explain to the ignorant minds.

ethylene, a plant hormone is responsible for abscission of leaves and fruits. and so the apple would neverhave fallen from the tree, if not for ethylene. and if ethylene was not present in the apple tree...Newton would look at the apple and probably wonder about its taste and end up in eating that.
so who's responsible for the discovery of gravity??? Sir Isac Newton but shouldn't some credit go to botany????

[ i'm feeling like robert langdon of 'da vicin code' fame. and what a sweet revenche it is on our friends from the physics depertment of presidency college]

p.s.: i could not help but mentioning two lines i saw on a t-shirt

"Gravity Is A Myth
The Earth Sucks!!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Dumber Than a Bacteria

(for the readers. please, don't skip this post seeing the difficult biological terms. u can read on. i don't know more about them than u do. so if i can write this, u can read it.)

Just a few days ago we were having our genetics and molecular biology class. the teacher was teaching us transcription( the process of rna synthesis from dna) with some complex projections.

he was telling us about different controlling factors like CPSF, CstF,PAP etc. etc. and said that nature has made such an interesting and organised system in all the organism that depending on their need the appropriate molecule synthesis occurs.

I was thinking something else. this process is a basic one. and it occur in all the cells of our body. why we? even a bacteria has this process. and while a tiny cell of my body is managing the whole process with extremely expertise, my brain fail to remember the details of this process. that makes me even dumber than a bacteria!!!!!!

finally i managed to find an excuse to save my self-esteem. brain cells don't divide. and so they don't know the process. that's why my brain can't store the details of this process.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

premarital ***(CENSORED)

scene 1:some days ago, kushboo, a south indian actress had to apolozize because she said that there is nothing wrong in protected pre marital sex.

scene 2: famous tenis player sania mirza said she did not said anything in favour of pre-marital sex and her words were misinterpreted.

scene 3: a police man asked a couple to follow them because they were lying together in victoria memorial ground in kolkata.(u won't find it in news paper like the previous ones. but it's avery common thing and....i'm not saying anything more)

conclusion: indian people are very good and they are strictly against pre-marital sex. all lovers do is whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. people who display affection in public should go to jail.

the reality: indian youth is as normal as their counter part in any other part of the globe. and they have biological urges, how ever the moral police tries to deny that. and they are engaged in all the activities love demand, be it emotional or physical attachment.
normal relationship and platonic love do not co-exixt. and the sexual hormones do not start working only after marriage. will they ever understand????????

Saturday, November 19, 2005

bolywood ishtyle

recently some reserchers found that male rats sing to woo the female ones. they analized the sound(which is inaudible to us) and found distinct phrases, notes and etc.etc. the rats do it after sensing the presence of female hormones.
and i used to think only bolywood heroes try to woo the girls by singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


i'm into hugh confusion. whenever i try to study...all the topics look alien. sometimes i really think -have i picked the right option?? whenever i heard any BE talking about his posting and salary...i thought what am i doing? the field i'm into..requires some more years before i start earning.and if i really want to be a scientist........minimum5 year is necessary.and i've to crack the gre,too.
each day i come college and attened lectures. in some classes the opening line in my notes starts with" what am i doing here?why am i attending this lecture" type of sentence. and now i don't have my usual brake...coz pc is not working properly.

only god knows what i'll do. anyway, i feel a lot better after visiting blogspot.

i also know 'my french name'

Your French Name is:
Gabriel Abadie

Sunday, November 06, 2005

i'm wired

it's a miracle. my pc is working. and so is the internet.
well,now i've realized that my pc is not only a machine but it can think for itself. not only that it's a prankstar.sounds weird? let me explain!!

it was having problem. it was taking longer time in everything,even in shutting down. but he moment the mechanic starts working on it, it was in its best condition. however, like all kids it could not play the good character for long. and he fixed it. but meanwhile it seemed to me that i was visiting as the pc was restarting again and again. but finally it got fixed.
at the evening came the internet service provider. he tried to work on it for about 2 hours but it was behaving like an adamant kid. finally he went away witout doing anything.but yesterday came 2 people and i don't know what they have done......but now it's become a good boy again and connecting net easily. so now......I'M WIRED

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

poor me

as a diwali gift i arranged a broadband net connection to my pc. and just before taking it. the cd rom drive gor crashed. so now the line is waiting at my home. but i cant install the softwares and so net for me.... my bad luck

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Blog Relay Race - My Run

i'm starting my turn by cursing soumyadip again. he passed me this. anyway, here i go...

Seven things that I plan to do(and keep postponing constantly)
1.memorizing the gre vocab list
2.start studying the curriculam of my masters course
3.buying the complete works of rabindranath tagore
4.writing letters to my friends and posting them
5.going abroad to do my phd.
6. start earning
7. doing a part time job

Seven things that I can do
1. making candles
2.irritating people
3.spreading any rumour,however baseless it is
4.studying a shitty subject like botany and telling people that it's rather interesting
5.getting depressed over any thing,and i really mean anything people even after having loads of proof against them
7. talking crap

Seven things I can’t
1.riding a bicycle
3.concentrating on anything for more than 15 minutes
4.telling a convincing lie( like u soumyadip)
5. saying no to anybody smart
7.attracting girls

Seven things I say most often
1.i'll do it later
2.f**k you
3.what the hell
5.i love u (whenever i get a chance to say it to anybody)
6.u cant help it
7. curse u

Seven people I want to tag

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Twenty Things About Me That I Just Discovered

i had no intention of writing anything like this. but soumyadip tricked me in i'm writing it.

1. i boozed for the first time when i was in the final year of my graduation
2. that was my only time so far.
3. i just love bitching.
4. i hire my first porno cd just a month ago
5. I'm addicted to reading Harry Potter, i just love the books
6.i hate reading russian books, have a shelf of half read books of that kind
7.i lopve irritating people until they start hating me for that.
8.i enjoy candle making, but never make them before 1 year after the deadline.
9. i love writing letters and not posting them. i have a bagfull.
10.besically i'm a loner, who gives an impression of being cool but in fact is a dumb ass.
11.i'm addicted to internate and blogging.
12. i used to send annonymous threatening letters to the brother of my grandfather, and never get caught.... favourite hobby is to find a new one always
14.i hate bullying in any form, i just can't stand it.
15. i still think that i'd be the happiest person on earth i f sumedha agrees to be with me
16. i'm an extremely lazy person.
17. i can beat anyone in forgetting things.
18. i love books
19. i have a dull mind
20. so i cant think about another thing to write about.

i cant think the names of tweenty people. but i think roopsha, debarati, rahul, zombie and khyati will follow mthis tradition.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

the boy who lived

no it's not about harry potter. it's bout pritwish chatterjeeof asansol. i meet him at gaya while doing the rituals for my deceased father. after dad's death in a road accident our world crashed. but i kne that there are people with a poorer fate than me. and i meet one of them at gaya.
prithwish now studies at 9th standard. he has lost both his parents at a road accident 6 years ago. he did all the rituals sitting beside me.i couldn't help but hinking bout him.wht a poor fate he has. her sister who was severely injuredin the accident is now studying bca. i just pray for his successin life.
i still can't forget the teen age face with pimples in both checks.....
dont worry lad, i'm praying for u.. and readers plzzzz u also do.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

this is a salesmans' world

sale sale sale..... everything is selling here. everyone is a salesman in todays world. bygone are the days when salesman means a person of this or that brand whose sole object in life was to sell you the vaccum cleaner or the water purifier or whatever.(and they had an amazing power of convincing my dad)
nowadays, the handwritten placards, proclaimming "salesmen are not allowed", in front of the buildings has become almost meaningless. what do we mean by 'salesman'? a person who sales something.
journalists are selling the agony of people for a sensational news. moviemakers are selling the lavishness of indian festivals for a foreign award. students are selling their brains for a better loking pay cheque. wanna-be-moviestars are selling themselves for a carrer.poets are selling complexicity for accolades. people are selling body parts as advertising ground for money. etc...etc...
and we still look down upon those poor girls who couldn't help selling themselves at the narrow lanes for their breads and butter.......
p.s.:i'm selling this post for attracting comments

Saturday, October 08, 2005


yesterday i was chatting with my 10 year old cousin vikram. the puja air is on. so he asked me 'bout maa durga. i told him the myth of her creation, the fight with mahisasura-the demon, birth of Kali and lots of othewr things. he listened. and then he questioned again. guess what the question was........
vikram asked me,"is it true that Dumbledore has been killed in the latest harry potter book?"
Maa Durga!! after mahisasura, now you have to fight harry potter ......... for popularity!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Please hear what I'm not saying.............

Don't be fooled by me.
Don't be fooled by the face I wear,
for I wear a mask,a thousand masks,
masks that I'm afraid to take off,
and none of them is me.
Pretending is an art that's second nature to me,
but don't be fooled.
For God's sake don't be fooled.
I give you the impression that I'm secure;
that confidence is my name and coolness is my game,
that the water's calm and I'm in command,and that I need no one.
But don't believe me.

My surface may seem smooth but my surface is my mask,ever varying and ever concealing.
Beneath lies no complacence.
Beneath lies confusion and fear and aloneness.
But I hide this.
I don't want anybody to know it.
I panic at the taught of my weakness and fear being exposed.
That's why I frantically create a mask to hide behind,
a nonchalant sophisticated facade,
to help me pretend,
to shield from the glance that knows.
But such a glance that knows.
But such a glance is precisely my salvation.
My only hope,and I know it.
That is,if it's followed by acceptance
if it's followed by love.
It's the only thing that can liberate me from myself,
from my own self-built prison walls,
from the barriers I so painstakingly erect.
It's the only thing that will assure meof what I can't assure myself,
that I'm really worth something.
I don't like to hide.
I don't like to play superficial Phony games.
I want to stop playing them.
I want to be genuine & spontaneous & me,
but you've got to help me.
You've got to hold out your hand
even when that's the last thing I seem to want.
Only you can wipe away from my eyes
the bland stare of the breeding dead.
Only you can call me into aliveness.
Each time you're kind and gentle and encouraging
each time you try to understand bcause you really care,
my heart begins to grow wings,
very small wings,
very feeble wings,
but wings!

With your power to touch me into feeling
you can breath life into me.
I want you to know that.
Who am I,
you may wonder.I
am someone you know very well.
For I am every man You meet,
and am every woman you meet --- Anonymous

Friday, September 30, 2005

winds of change

time, our greatest friend and yet our worst enemy. it changes all of us. i'm not talking about the change in our physical appearance. the days are gone when my biggest worry was about my nonexistent beard. but i'm talking about the change of our nature, our soul.
we all have changed from what we are some years ago.we achanging very slowly. take me. earlier i used to write regular letters to my friends. and now?a letter,written 2 months ago, is still in my bag. i didnt even post it. i'm so thankful to the inventor of email. i can keep in touch with pals because of this invention.
then, now i've to do all my lab works by myself. i really miss the days when i used to gossyp with my friend while my partner did all the work. now my partners make me do the work. so history is repeating itself, but in a bad way.
and what else can i write? it's a matter to fell, not to read.
the time is gone and the song is over, but i have a lot more to say. i did have a lot to say

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

days at presi

the classes are going in full phase. i enjoy the tissue culture lab totally. yesterday we dut our plants and put the fragments in another culture tube for callus tissue production. i think i did it well, coz i didn't get any scolding from tj, our proff.
but all are not good news. i've just started enjoying my weekend offs. and srs, the microbiology proffessor announced that he'd take labs on saturday. GREAT. bye bye weekends. i'm so greatful that they aren't asking us to comme college on sunday.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

bengali dialects

yesterday i was with some of my pals. and suddenly our discussion was turned to the dialects of bengali. one was asking me to speak 'bangaal' and i refused. because ,though my parents and grandparents still use it, i'm not very comfortable using 'baangal', i prefer the kolkatan dialect (often called as the pure one). and then someone was saying that she finds it very funny to see people claded in a suite and using 'baangal'.
i don't think so. it's a language. and i love the diversity of it. although i really have hard times trying to guess the words if someone speaks rapid 'syllatti'. but i can understand some of it. i actually find it very sweet to see modern people speaking 'baangaal'. and i find it even sweeter when someone used to speak 'baangaal' tries to speak the kolkatan bangla. u'd never miss a special 'taan' . and i really love that.( although, i irritate them by teasing about it)
so long live bangla with all the bangaal dialects.

amul ads are rocking

yesterday, while going to metro station from college, I noticed that a billboard featuring amul ad has updated itself. as usual it was too cool and about a recent issue.
i had a cartoon and at the upper left corner, in bold was written DIAL M FOR MADHUR and at the lower right corner .... preeity good

( madhur bhandarkar is a film director, and preeity jain is an wanna-be-actress. she was arrested after it was revealed that she has hired a proffessional killer to murder madhur)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

puja plans

the puja is coming really close. i can feel it by watching the developing pandals in roads, by feeling the after shopping rush in metro. everyone seems to make his/her plans for the puja. so do i.
there was a time when puja mean pandal hopping, offering anjali at home, reunion of all my paternal cousins etc. etc. but after dad's death i don't find that charm in puja. now i like to spend as much time outside as possible. so this year my plans are to have a great adda (may be a whole night one) in madox square(i dont know why, but every kolkatan goes there to have his share of adda) with my graduation friends. and reading the special puja edition magazines (i simply love these). and if i get the net connection at home by october, then i've to post the regular updates about puja in kolkata.
hope this four days(may be this time it's 3 days only) will help me to revitalize myself.

( i know this is such a bogas and non-meritorious post, but nothing else came to my mind!!!! so please do comment. i promist to write more interesting posts in future.)

Sunday, September 18, 2005


it's written in the men's room of economics dept at presidency college, kolkata,india.
and someone,probably a eco student wrote below it,

Friday, September 16, 2005

advertising has matured

at alst indian advertising industry has attained maturity.nowadays, we are having adds that are really thoughtful and much better than the previous ones.
earlier, in an ad for a painkiller used to show someone panting and after she took the medicine,she said"it's gone". but now, we see a girl hiding her watery eyes behind her eyeglasses after she saw her crush with another girl and then the slogan saying," for every other kind of pain, take this". or take the ads of asian paints.
but of course there are some crap ads like before. the ad for chips where a girl start dancing after taking a single bite, is probably the most meaningless. (even my 'meaningless crap' is more interesting). but then exception proves the rule,and so.........THREE CHEARS TO INDIAN ADVERTISING

for comments only

we all love to get comments in our blog. and people do strange things to attract comments. the commonest thing is to comment on other's blog, in return u can expect a comment. but there are some who can go to any extent for luring comments.
i know someone very closely( so closely, that i even sometimes see him in mirror). he visits loads of blogs and comments on these. but most of the time his comments are I-don't-know-what-to-comment-but-otherwise-they-won't-comment-on-my-blog type. naturally his blog doesn't get a good no of comments.
then there is a cousin of mine (don't worry, i'm not mentioning ur name. so ur reputation won't get more damaged than it already is!). since the last 18 monthes he didn't send me even a single e-mail. but now, after i start blogging and commenting on his blogs, he had called me twice. that too STD.
but i find all these very silly. i'm not much bothered 'bout the no of comments i've got. in fact it's so trivial that i request all my readers to comment on this blog so that i can see what's the big deal about cooments is.(hope this new strategy will work)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

the future of hindi movies

anti-smoking campaign is in its peak. now it s a rule that no movie can show a smoking scene or even a scene of selling any smoking product. so all the gangstars, from now, will only have chewing gum and soft drinks in indian movies.but there's more. not only smoking,they are asking to ban any scene about eve-teasing,cabarret,gambling,kidnapping,murder and bribing. and there is the censor board to watch over the x-rated scenes. it's not hard to imagine the future of indin film industry. we'll have movies where the hero goes to a bar to get a glass of milk(firoz khan istyle). and then he sees the heroine in a full sleave salwar kamiz( may be a burkha!!). and the villain,with a coke in his hand, is politely asking her to play a game of ludo with him(eve teasing is banned, so is they can play ludo only). but she refuses and then the hero comes and request the villain that she can't play with him. the villain accepts it and goes away with a broken heart. and the hero and heroine start playing scrabble. hero makes the word "kiss" and heroine blushes. and then the play happily ever after. (what else can happen, everything is banned)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

my first work in plant tissue culture

today was my first day of the plant tissue culture practical. this was my 2nd visit to the lab and 1st practical of this subject. all we have to do is to transfer a pea seed to a culture tube full of media aseptically. the work was very small,but being my 1st lab of its kind, i was very nervous. but finally i did it. don't know how much marks will i get for it, but now i love it. i just love to be in the tissue culture lab.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


After 15 years I'm enjoyng the privilege of week-end offs. probably I had it in my k.g. classes(ummm...I'm not very sure).but form the last 15 years i had classes to attend on saturday. both in my school and college. so I found it very surprising to know that we had no classes on saturday in our masters, although it's the same college. and this is my first week-end after a loooong time.obviously I'm spending it very lazily. now i've just woke up from a 2hour nap(I feel really dizzy whenever it's raining hard). I need a bath and a shave. but man proposes and proffessors disproposes!!! I've to write 21 pages of my assignment and draw the diagrams, too by with my unwillng hand and forcing my even more unwilling mind(which wants to see "salaam namaste").so off you go my week-end. and the monday blues is waiting in the line!!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


the durgapuja is just after a month and kolkata is in shopping fever. there are special discounts and adds in newspaper everyday. even i've started shopping.
last year,due to dad's death in a road accident, i was not in a festive mood. so last tear all my shopping consist of two pair of shorts, two briefs and a pair of chappal. that was all. but now, i really need some clothes to wear.
somedays ago visit a new shop with 3of my aunts and two cousins. we came back home with handfull of clothes. and the shop gave us 8 passes to nicco park(a enjoyment park in kolkata) and 8 ICE CREAMS. those were so tasty!!!!1 yummmmmmmmm. but the very next day ,when me and didi(my elder sister) did some shopping from another branch of the same shop.....they gave us nothing!!!!!!!1 no ice creams!!!!!!!! so bad.
anyways, the city is in a shopping mood. and so am i. it's time for shopping!!!!!!!!!


the last 3 years, in my ug, i had really cool classmates in presi. but now the scenario is different. among the old students only i'm in the pg classes. all my friends have gone to other colleges and other courses.
i've started my class only from yesterday. so i don't know all my classmates very well, but i know something about some of them. there is a girl (i'm not mentioning her name),eho prounces "thank you " as thankeeeeoo. and she thinks it's cool. hmmmmm.
apart from this there is not much to mention now. but will be in my further posts. so keep watching.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Indianised Da Vinci Code

Robert Langdon becomes ms. Irawati and sangrail becomes the Koh-i-noor. just watch the new serial koh-i-noor on sahara one for one episode and u'll get it. it's a indianized version of dan brown's da vinci code. however, i've started liking this serial. after all it's smarter than the general indian tv soaps..


after 23 confused and tormenting days i am in my masters class. again in presidency,which was obviously my 1st prefference. when i rerceived AD sir's call and got to know that i can attened classes ,i was feeling so happy. i was on cloud nine. again i'm alive.

Monday, September 05, 2005

my adventures in the kitchen

i started sneaking in the kitchen around 2-3 years ago. at first i used to cook secretly when everyone was sleeping. my only accomplish was my 7 yr old cousin. i still remember when i tried to made pulao. i told him that he had to eat it even if it became unpalatable. after tasting he said nothing . but nowadays,whenever i offer him anything cooked by me, he says,"i'm having a terrible headache, so can't eat now". so considering!!!!!

one day i tried pudding. i won't say much about it. but every human being (including me) in my family refused to eat it by showing some weak reason. so i gave it to a stray dog. it sniffed the pudding and looked at me with a "i'd-better-be-hungry" look and finally don't eat it.

i also tried to make dhokla once. it tasted like soil. but,after 2 or 3 years i've finally picked up some recipies. so feel free to taste anything i make.( don't worry, we have a hospital near ourn home.)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

short post days are here again

my pc is again having problems.(sometimes i just feel like kicking it,only if it was not so expensive). so ive to compose all my posts online.and i do not have a very fast typing speed. so my posts are going to be short again. hope some people are happy!!!!

idle me

all my friends have started attending their masters class,and i'm still at home. getting bored, making candles, posting blogs, and reading books. i'm sick of this life,man! i need a brake. btw, i find short stories by saki very amusing. and the book doesn't cost a fortune.only rs 88.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


my 10 year old cousin Shubrajyti was asking his mom to play with him. and as she was busy she was postponing it the whole day and finally she said she wouldn't be able to play. the kid said, " mom, after so much delaying you cancealed it? u are acting like THE INDIAN AIRLINES".
what an impression!!!!1

Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm a dreamer.i have an amazing capability of dreaming. daydreaming is my favourite way of killing time. but i'm going to talk about something else. the real dream. i dream. whenever i sleep, i dream.and i sleep whenever I get the chance. not only in my bed,but I sleep at bus, train, metro, classroom, theater,auditorium,seminars, private tution, in short everywhere. it started when i was in standard XI. i had my bengali tution early in the morning. no wonder i started sleeping as soon as my tutior stated giving notes. but the most surprising thing is that i took my notes simultaneously.though the handwriting was a bit illegible than my original one, but i could still read it. and that way i developed my skill of takng notes while sleeping. i changed my ttion to the evening shift, but the 'sleeping beauty syndome' didn't go away. after my boards, it was gone. it came back during my 3rd year in college. and in a severe form. i realized it in tution again. the proffessor was teaching us some problems on genetics and he found me with my eyes closed. he called me and asked me the solution. i answered. and it was the right answer. i don't make mistakes when it involves genetics, even when i'm just woke up from a nap. then it took a very casual turn. everyday my proffessor used to awake me up just to say" dwaipayan, u r sleeping!!". and if,by any chance, i didn't sleep during his class a single day; i used to tell hm " sir, i didn't sleep today" not only in tution, i even slept during my college lectures. our biochemistry teacher was unique in his style of teachng. we didn't have to note anything, our only job was to see the projection and hear his words.and for the sake of projection, all the lights of the lecture theatre were turned off. all these together made his lectures so soporific that everyone tried hard to keep their eyes open.and i used to dozz off,that to sitting in the first row. and he was so good that he never told me a single word for this. but I haven't yet said the interesting part of the story. the dreaming all thes naps i dreamt something. and if i had to open my eyes due to some reason, the dream reasumed just the moment i close my eyes again. and i dreamt in all the places i've mentioned at the starting of this post. the fairy tales should be re-written. who is prince charming? i'm the prefect match for sleeping beauty.we will be sleeping ever after. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, August 26, 2005


may be nowadays thriller and Sidney Sheldon or Robin Cook is synonymous to me. But in my childhod the picture was totally different.not only me, but most Bengali people(specially who has been grown up reading benglai books of all kind) would relate to this. Till my teens, thriller mean The books of "PROHELIKA SERIES"(the enigma series), "KANCHANJANGHA SERIES" , the adventures of lady detective Krishna and Shika. but the most famous detective was DIPAK CHATTERJEE and his asistant RATANLAL, created by SWAPANKUMAR. all thse books were published long grandma once told me that she has read some of them in her maiden days.but they were still selling at a good rate at the 80s and 90s. but Swapankumar was the most famous of all the thriller Writers. probably he was the first one to introduce helicopter in bengali thrillers. his detective Mr. Depak Chatterjee was expart at everyting from speaking many languages to martial some spinechilling moments he was described to carry two pistols in his two hands and a dagger at the other hand. but you need to overlook such trivial faults when the dectective is like indian James Bond. and there was a great variation among the villains,too. the most cunning was "BAAJ PAKHI"(the hawk). next was "KALNAGINI"( the queen cobra). always they used to have a breathtaking encounter with the detective but finally they always managed to escape. but Depak Chatterjee never failed to caught the other villains, most of which were burmiz. due to some unknown reason at that time black ambassador means the villain's car and the 90% villains were burmiz. it would be very mean of me not to mention "FELUDA" by Satyajit Ray, "BYOMKESH BOKSHI" by Saradindu Chatterjee, The "joker dhon" and "abar joker dhon", 'KIRITI" by Neharranjan and last but not the least "DOSYU MOHAN"(Mohan the Bandit) by Sasadhar Chatterjee. no doubt, most of them (including the books mentioned at the begining) were better in quality than the ones written by Swapankumar. but none was as thrilling as his ones, too.that's the reason inspite of all the flaws in his book he was the most cherished author of thrillers at his chilhood bows before you, mr.Swapankumar.


it's raining hard outside. but there is not a drop of water in our bathroom(i'm exaggirating a bit!). our ancient water pump is having problems once again. well, it's not a new thing for us. the pump is older than me and since childhood I have seen occassional break downs of it. today it worked for barely 15 minutes and as a result all our stored water is also finished by now. i couldn't take my bath (not that i'm very sad for that). but as it's a hot and humid day,i could have fancied a cold shower before going to bed. but now i've to sleep with the filth of a day. hope the piece of the old machine will be fine by the morning and i'd be able to start my day with a splash.


when was the last time you have watched a daily soap on sony tv or star plus?they are having plastic surgeries so randomly that you wouldn't be able to identify half the character if you don't watch it just for 1 month(16-20 episoads). not long ago, i was watching a soap after some days. our maid asked me about the new face. i told her the new guy is the 'changed' husband of the heroine. after a while i changed the channel and started watching another soap. again we spotted a new face. she, with her newly accquired knowledge, said that here also the husband of the daughter is changed. intelligent though she is, the fact(oops! i mean the script) was the girl got REMARRIED.

Monday, August 22, 2005

meeting a lost friend

Saturday I went to Jadavpur University for an entrance exam. i had no preparation for the exam and went there just because of Mom. but now i'm glad i did it. after the exam, i was talking to a friend of mine and i spotted him. it was koustav, koustav chatterjee. a very old and dear friend.i was seeing him after 2 long years. and he ws looking exactly like the last time, except now he had grown a beard. he was passing by me and i patted on his back. he turned back and recognized me. and we got engazed in a long chat season. while talking, i was thinking about our friendship. we were pals since the 6th standard and after 12th standard our lives were separated. the last time we met, he was studying geology in JU and me botany n Persidency. then they moved from their rented house and our contact was broken. i was talking to him and thinking that this is the guy who was my best friend, though we never studied in the same institution. i used to go school through the road by their home in the hope that i'd be able to get a glimpse of him. such a dear friend he was. we were talking bout the old times, the old pals, our lives, affairs and what not. the only change was in his vocabulary. he has become so foulmouthed. probably it's got contaminated by the engineering students. finally we exchanged each other's contact no. and he saw me off to the auto for the metro station.
i was feeling really thrilled after this meeting. and i'm glad that i went to sit for the exam. everyday you don't meet a lost friend, and that too a dear one. so if you ever have an option, which u don't want to go for; follow my advice and go for it. u never know what's waiting for you.

just for laughs

here is a small poem( i doubt whether it can be called a poem or not) from THE GREAT INDIAN COMEDY SHOW that airs on the channel STAR ONE.

Ocean is made up of droplets
Mountain is made up of stones
size doesn't matter, but

Thursday, August 18, 2005


well, it seems that i managed to find a way through the blind lane,where my career got stuck. i know the new lane wouldn't be a royal one like the earlier one. but i can still move on in life. and that's the important thing.
so the insomnia is gone(although i'm worried a bit) and now i can SLEEP. and i know that 'd be able to do my masters. it means a lot to me at this moment.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

suicidal thoughts

my carrear is in jeopardy. dont know wat will i do. i've always been a good student and now i'm worried bout my admission in masters.
it seems that there are very few options. it's damn insulting. today while coming back from college i was thinking bout commiting suicide. but then that's a very stupid thing. i wont do it anyway. specially not after dad's accidental death. it will put my family in total agony.and that's a thing i cant do to them. otherwise i had loads of reason to suicide. well, probably i have to leave kolkata. i knew it'd happen someday. what i didnt know is that i have to go away as a loser. but it's not the end,man. i'll come back. someday.

"dil naummeed toh nahin
nakaam hi to hain
rangeen hain gam ki shaam,magar
shaam hi toh hain"


today was my councelling for the admisson of msc in botany at presidency college. only two of presidentians wrer there at the whole lecture theatre filled with anxious students. finally i was put in the waiting list. and i came out through the samr path by which i entered persi 3 years ago.
that too was a 16th aug. when i was passing the field then i made a friend called deborshi,who became my best freind in college. but today i was all alone and deborshi turned out to be a traitor.

probably i'm leaving presi now. but 16th aug will always make me nostalgic.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

the crappy crap

hmmm.... I'm thinking. i'm thinking about choosing a topic on which i can compose my next post. this time, for a change, i'm trying to choose a serious topic. but i'm helpless. my brains doesn't allow me to get serious. since the last 15 minutes i'm trying to think seriously and i could only think of writing about:
'CROSSWORD' or 'LANDMARK"- two of my favourite bookstores
that's all. so serious blogging isn't my cup of tea( though i preffer coffee: filtered or cold). so i've n intention of insulting the devine power (which enables me of talking/writing crap endlessly) by engainging in serious stuff. although my crap posts are failed to attract any reader( well, i'd not be attracted to these, myself). and so the no of comments is really low. the only one who comments regularly is soumyadip chowdhury, that's too beacuse he's my cousin.
but i'm not a man to be depressed upon such a petty matter. the devine power has chosen me to fill the cyber space with non-sense craps. and i shall perform my duty

Sunday, August 07, 2005


yesterday one of my pal,payel, came to my place. she asked me whats the position of marriage in todays world. does it mean that i cant look at any person just because i'm married. or i cant fall in love with anybody else than my spouse.

i said no, not at all. u cant expect one person not to fall in love all his life. it's ridiculous. it's natural to fall in love. but just because i love a person i wont commit adultery.
i think the vows of marriage lies in commitment. if i marry someone that means i will be with her for the rest of my life.i wont leave her even for someone whom i find later in my life, not even for my love.

somebody tell my views to my mom and ask her to get me married,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fame gurukul

Fame gurukul:the show that airs on sony tv . I find it totally meaningless. Some people are trying to be star and most of them (e.g.quazi) lack the essential qualities. But now they have surpassed every limit. They have shoot a video of the song “aasma ke paar”.and this airs on sony every half an hour. They have decided to fetch them fame anyway.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mallika sherawat:WHAT?

sometimes i just wonder wat mallika sherawat thinks bout herself. from her public image it seems that she considers herself sexy?"sexy"? uhh! for me she is a TOTAL TURN OFF. she thinks she can achieve success just by showing her skin and smooching on screen. oh man! i pity those heroes who had the badluck to kiss her onscreen. and as far acting is concerned, mallika is poles apart. and she says,her competion is with salma hayek,penolope cruz and angelina jolie. i think all she needs is a visit to a good psychiatrist. poor mallika!!!!!!!
my passions
well, feel like enlighting the world bout my passions. actualy i love a load of things to do.but reading comes first in the list.
since childhood,i've been a voracious reader. books have been always my best friend. i just love reaing. from an early age i've always found the solution of my probs in books. not in any self help type,but in any ordinary story books. still now, whenever i get bore sitting at home;i go to landmark or crossword(two famous bookstores of kolkata.u can read the whole book there without buying it.) and spend my day brousing and reading books.and i just love doing this.

except reading,i love doing a lot of things,but none of them gives me such salvation. i love walking in my terrace at midnight.when everywhere is dark and only a few house have light. i love walking,talking to myself while staring at the nightsky lit by the tinkling stars.

then i love candlemaking, spending time with my friends, surfing the net, blooging,irritating people and wat not. but more than any of these i looooooovvvvveeeeeeee sleeping.and there are also sumthing more. but cant write bout them or the censor board will send an arrast warrant for me.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

hmmmm,what ur G says?

handwriting analysis has always been attracting me. so when i got manaswita, who is equally interestwed in that, in college ,u can assume what happens. we used to analyse the 'g's and the 'y's of our proffessors.because these two laters show the sexual area. ant that way we beame aware of most of our proffs sexual prefferences. its a good fun to have such a well informing hobby
my pc sucks

i was very enthusiastic to play a game of singles in my pc.u can make ur characters do anything in this game,including sex. but when i tried to install the game it says it requires directx9.0b or higher and unfortunately mine is only 8.

but now when i've collected that,the mouse is broken and to top it all my pc isnt booting up and continuously saying that the bios in my pc isnt ACPI compliant. curse it.
midnight blues

just two days ago i was listening to the radio lying at my bed in the night. they were playing some mushy mushy romantic type songs which reminded me of my 1st love:SUMEDHA

she was in my clg, a year senior than me. our lovestory was only 50% sucessfull,i.e.,i was ready for it and she wasnt. we had a loads of misunderstanding and wat not. forget it.
but then at the night i realised that i just missed her birthday for a few mins. it was 0:15 of 29th july and 28th july is her birthday. cldnt control myself, wrote her a later. but with the morning all my enthusiasm was gone and the letter would never be posted. that's why i call it MIDNIGHT BLUES
finally i'm on wheels

since standard four i wanted to own it, and finally bought it after completing my grads. anyway, it's never too late to start skating. practising in my balcony......back is still aching and it pains to touch my adam's apple: thanks to the great fall i had in front of the kitchen. but then, u cant learn skating without falling down.
presi assault and students rights

just some days ago an outsider assault a presi girl. the heat is still on. in this context one of my friends comment:" how dare an outsider come to college and assualt a girl? it's the privilage of a stuend of presi only"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


with all the hype the book is relerased and the electronic version is avaiable for free. if u want it..leave ur request and ur email here.

though the book is in my mail id, i preffer to wait for getting the real book. ofcourse i have to buy the pirated copies........coz 895 is tooooooooo much for a book,however irresistable it is.

but for the ones who mare reading this..............proff.snape is the half blood prince.yeah!!!!!!!i've killed the suspense

after rading about the hills wala blog my shillong wala cousin has asked me y didnt i mention shillong. let me clarify.

comparing to himalayan hills, meghalayan hilla are really small. but they do have a charm of their own. but i've my own reasons not to mention shillong. but promise not to laugh at me.

actually in shillong resides my mejomashi( my maternal aunt). and she is a great cook and i lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee FOODS. so shillong reminds me not only bout the hills but also bout the tasty sondesh, mouth watering cakes, steamed cup of coffee,and wat not.

moreover, i've two cousins there. one of whom is friendly with me ( hope u r reading this rintu!) but at the moment he is in delhi. and the other one is married and busy in his job. so i'll get bored in shillong. i mean i cant eat 24 hours.......

so once again my life will be ruled by the bryophytes. i'll be lost counting angiospermic families. algae, fungi, pteridophytes, microbes.............all again. for 2 more years i'll deal with all these. in short, i've decided to do my masters in BOTANY.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

calling off the hills

dnt know why, but hills really fascinate me. no, this is an under statement....whenever i see the hills or even read bout them ......i feel an irresistable urge to go there. specially the hills of north east india. i'm ready to give anything for a tour in the hils of manipur, nagaland or a weekend in kalijorah or a vacation in sikkim.

now this craze for hills has reached such a level that while seeing bose the forgotten heroe, i was looking at the mountains of afghanisthan( though it was ladakh in reality).i had a feeling that i couldnt control.....i just wanna be there. wanna feel the cool breezes....wanna shiver.......wanna see the mountains......

well, wanna feel more..but my time's up in this cafe. get back to blogging later. till then bye

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

result is knocking

well! i thought the resultophobia would be the best topic to start blogging
i dnt know for sure, but the result is going to be publish soon, very all bad things do.well probably it will be out by 15th july. so i'm enjoying the last few days of my freedom. coz, once its out and my bad marks are published.........I'M FINISHED. so i' m doing all things i wanna do in the last few days. i'm making the candles i wanna make, reading the books i wanna read, and going out everyday. becoz, once my masters class starts......i wont be able to do all these things.
untill next bye.( as if someone is going to read this)