Friday, February 15, 2008

Bird flu and Saraswati Puja

on the eve of saraswati puja my mom went out to buy the idol form the market. my 11yrs old cousin Vikram was accompanying her. my mom show an idol to my cousin and ask whether he'd like it or not. he looked carefully.
"but this idol doesn't have the vahana. where is the duck?"
his imaginative mind found out the answer immidiately.
"oh, I think because of the bird flu the duck decided not to come this year"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got back to kolkata yesterday. in last two weeks i went to delhi and hyderabad. and now aftr some really long journey, I'm back.
but now i have not much to do in kolkata. my comp is not working(posting this from a cafe), I don't have any class to attend. just i have some evening tuitions to I'm just getting bored.

just an hour ago, i was lying in my room. only 12 days have passed in between. but somehow, i was feeling like a stranger in my own room. And I realized that i really felt like home in delhi.

I know it's just a passing phase. just after two more days everything will be all right again. but i wondered, is the passing phase a face of globalisation?
may be not. but i think 'meaningless crap' should resume it's journey again with such a meaningless question only.

a question which has no answer. a question that will not even exist after 2 days. a question that haunts me, NOW.