Saturday, January 16, 2010

The countdown has started

I have always been wondering how the story will end and when. I never knew the answer. Whenever I thought about it, I felt like the end is still quite far. But suddenly, I'm having a gut feeling that it is about to come. It is coming…

My mistake was that I thought there are only two characters in the story: the Incorrigible Idiot and the Eternally Confused. Well, I was wrong! I forgot the characters which helped the bonding between the main characters, even though they were unaware about the story of the Confused and the Idiot.

But my mistake did not end here. I forgot the most important character of the story- our Alma matter. It was in the classrooms, the corridors, the events and happenings of the AM which connected II and EC. The field have seen them chatting. The canteen has witnessed many of their sweet (and occasionally bitter) nothings. The lover's lane has been the place of many intimate moments. Well, I can't describe 2 years in just a blog.

The Alma matter with its many buildings, the staircases, roads and alleyways were more involved in this story than any of the living characters, perhaps even EC an II were not as involved as it was. And I thought there are just 2 characters in this story.

Well, maybe it was the reason why I could never see then end. Or always fail whenever I tried ending it on my own. But I have rectified my mistake. Just after a few days all the characters of this story will meet once again. Some will not be present there physically. But they will be there, anyway. And the venue is the AM.


It started there. They are again going there. I hope it will be the end of this story. Because, the cycle is almost complete.


May be EC and II will not even realize that this is the end. May be II is still thinking that something will happen. But I'm sure that AM knows. It is the time to say the final goodbye.


Let it finish.