Monday, June 06, 2011

Back to the game

Somewhere in the past…
Me: you know, I really would love to write about us one day. I really want to tell our story.
She: why don’t you?
Me: well, I don’t know the end. How can I write the story without the end?

Everything changes with time. So did the dynamics between us. We broke up, became friends again. She moved on. Yet I was waiting for the end. Something in me kept telling me, this couldn’t be the end. Not like this.

We moved away. Decided to never cross each other’s path again. I thought that would help me. We were totally out of touch. We stopped existing in each other’s life. Yet, something in me kept telling me, this couldn’t be the end. Not like this.

One night she messaged me. We exchanged messages. And after that I thought finally I was over. Finally I have attained closure. Yet, someone somewhere kept saying, this couldn’t be the end, not like this. Well, of course I didn’t hear that.

In recent past
I just messaged her. And we conversed over the phone after so long. It never felt we haven’t been in touch for 2 years. And after some more days, the dynamics changed again. Back to square one.
I realized that I have never been out of love. I have always been in it. And yes, I still do not know the end. But I realized that a voracious reader like me too can make such a stupid mistake. What defines a good story? The end? No! it’s all about the journey. The story is not about the ending, but what is between the start and the end.

And I realized, I do not need to know the end anymore. I can start telling our story!