Saturday, February 17, 2007


sometimes you act yourself, sometimes you wear a face. I wear a thousand faces.
sometimes I'm the friend everybody wants. one who helps you in distress, who shares your pain and your joy.
sometimes I'm a student, craving for knowledge. who wants to learn.
sometimes I'm a lover who says he's ok after loosing his sweetheart. because she couldn't love him and if he said the truth she'd feel guilty.
sometimes I'm a soul who's moved by the differential treatments in today's world.

I wear a thousand faces. the face of a son, a man, a student, a friend, a brother, a cousin, a lover, a confidante, a blogger, a thinker.

among all these faces my real face has lost somewhere. and with so many faces I'm unable to locate the face I really had. I've lost my identity, but all these faces together have given me a different identity.

I'm not anymore what I was. but this is what I am. may be I'll be something else tomorrow. but right now this is what I am.