Saturday, May 27, 2006

A silly Question!!

bought digicam yesterday. naturally i'm feedling with the gadget whenever i can manage a bit time. here is a pic(modified partly) I shoot 20 mins ago. Guess what is this??

there'll be a prize foor the correct guess!!u surprise me by guessing it right, and i'll surprise u by saying what the prize is..Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

kyunki.... the new leap

somedays ago i read that ekta kapoor's kyunki... is taking na new generation leap(again!!!) and I just thought wat the song will be like..

but i've written it in hindi. and to the people who doesn't know the language. i'm sorry. coz people who doesnot know hindi, know neither ekta kapoor nor kyunki...
and i don't have the capability to explain all this...
for the rest, here it goes...

tara rang tararang...
itrin tiring ting tiriring tiring tiring ting..
kyunkiiiii saas bhi kabi bahu thi
kyun ki baa abhi amar hogiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
tarra rang tarra tarang
aaur ek generation aayegiiii
baa fir bhi zinda rahegiiii
viewers bore honge,
characters fir bhi larenge, aar extramarital affairs karenge

kuynki......ekta kappor serial bandh nahi karegiiii
or hazaro character layegi.....
dadi nati ki bahen si lagegi, fir bhi uski biwi ko dategiiii
bullshit problems , they will create now and then,
but viewers fir bhi dekna bandh nahi karenge
kyunki o bhi klabhi bahu banengiiiiiiiiii(yah fir unke ghar me bhau layenge)

tarang tarang tang tararang tarang tarang tang..


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Collage

hello people!!!
I'm writing this post to tell u about a new blog,me and 3 of my blogger friend has started. we're planing to write stories there, but each blogger will write an episode of the story only. as we are only 4 members now, we'll have to do some rounds each. the first episode of the 1st story has already been published, and the 2nd episode is brewing ...

in this endeavour of us, we need ur visits to the blog to encourage us. and only u can make our work worth working...

we have name the blog, " The Collage" as the stories will be the collage of our ideas. we know our limitations. the 4 of us are not very mature, neither any of us has exceptional writing ability. but with all our flaws we are trying to build a new thing...only u can make it last.....

it's my earnest request to u all....plzzzz visit and revisit.

and we'll be highly delighted if any of u want to take part in this venture.
as the blog has just born and all the blogger has their exams, the blog doesn't have all the things it should. however, I promise that the necessary things will be added soon....
so here's the link once again...

and i'm loking fwd to ur visit...

ur friend

our brain child has just born...only u can help him to be a graduate one day!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006


two of my latest visitors have came to meaningless crap looking for ".miss jammu in blue film" and "sexual tenis players" ....

I apologize to this two special visitors not being able to satisfy their demand!!! naturally their visit last for 0 second only!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Connection!!

well....this post is about a old incident. it happend last october when I went to Gaya to perform some rituals for my dead father.
the ritual was to be performed at four places(the last one due to his accidental death). along with some more people we hit the 1st place which is called the river 'Falgu'. just after getting down from the autoricksaw, we were surrounded by numerous priests who started constantly asking me questions about my ancestors.
(the thing is that there is one priest or 'panda' for each place) and when I named the place from Bangladesh my ancestors are from. they got a old man. who asked me the name ofd the village. I only knew the name of the district and the village. he then tell me name of some police station and asked me whether that was correct or not. I had no clue. but my grandmother who accompanied us. has spend some years there. So she assured that it's the right place and he's the priest for us. so the rule is that our ancestors were came and perform the ritual by the help of his ancestors. and their family is the priest family of us.

fine...but there as yet to come. when I started the ritual with the other priest( the main one. the family priest is a minor one), he came back. but with 3 or 4 heavy and old handwritten books with him. he asked my surname. I told "dhar Chowdhury" and he started reading out all the Dhar Chowdhurys along with their address from those books to see whether my ancestors were there or not.
by this time another family has warned us that if we tell them that our ancestors are really inn the list, they will claim 4 or 5 thousands rupees from us and unless we give that , they won't let us go.
me, my sister and my mother was prepared. and we told my grand mom and her sister inlaw(the sister of my grand dad) about this, and not to say anything.

he was still going on.
and he took name of a relative.the grand moms were elated.
" ye ye, it's a relative"
we gave a cold look to them.
then after naming some more relatives they took name of te grand dad of my grand dad. and the grandmoms said ,"it's family" we again looked at them. the said,"relatives actually"
the preist was a bit startled. but he continued. and he then named the dad of my grand dad, we said,"relatives may be, but not in the family"
the grandmoms were secretly looking at each other with a "i've-to-say-i-don't-recognize-my dad" look. but we were helpless. it was the only solution from their hulliganism.
so each time, he mentioned one from the family, grandmoms gave the same look but said,"no, not in the family". we had to pay the priest around 100 rs. and went to the nest venue.

after we came home, grandmoms were still in kind of shock," we had to say we dont know my dad or my grand dad, but it was the only way"

well, I couldnot write it that well...but u would died laughing if u have seen their manners at that time....
anyways, now I think I should go back to my studies...exam is mere 22 days away, and heaps of syllabus to finish...