Saturday, December 24, 2005

what would i do......if i be like you

i got this tag through a comment. and i like it instantly..I am choosing Soumyadip( my target to write this post. and here it goes.........

WHAT WOULD I DO.......IF I BE LIKE SOUMYADIP shall I start it day i wake up and see i'm living soumyadip's life...

so it's delhi...nice to be gimme a brake from my kolkata life...oh no!!!!i have to cook for myself and need to go office and do work......yukkkk...anyway, i only hope it's the pay day.......s that i can spend al the money he have earned.....

and i love my new capability of writing with lefe hand and i can write poems, icing of the cake is that now all his girlfriends are mine.....hmmmm

as far as office is concerned....i'll get the cheque and bunk the duties......who cares with that job anyway...(I hope tomorrow i'll return to my dwaipayan's life......otherwise i'm finished)

and i love my new digital camera....

but just as the day is maturing to the afternoon.....i'm missing dwaipayan's life....i'm missing my(i mean his)messy room and the weirdo pc. i'm missing his crazyness...i'm missing his childishness...(I'll never confess this things, but as i'm soumyadip now.......i can)......and i want to go back. i know soumyadip has loads of girlfriends and dwaipayan's crush has got back to her boyfriend .......but still i'd love t see her and spend time with her......why spoil the friendship????

so i'm getting back to my own life......Soumyadip's life wont suit me......

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a break through decision

Debarati, a friend of mine, was doing her postgraduation on biochemistry. but at the end of their 1st semester, she leaved it. she said, she's not willing to work hard on something she doesn't find interesting and moreover she wants to start earning soon. so now she's preparing for CAT and wants to be an MBA.

well, I don't know whether this is a wise ecision or a stupid one. I only know that she got the toper's subject leaving it was harder than getting it.yet she took the decision. all the best for ur future, debarati.

sometimes I also wish to do other things. apart from my field ..... i want to help a distressed soul or to bring smile to a sad face..I love counselling people and entertaining them. I'd love to do part time job in an NGO or to be a freelance writer..... but i don't have the courage.......

so my world is still governed by DNA, RNA, Protein, Chlorophylls and other equally boring things.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Some people do the same mistake over and over. they are incorrigible.
and I am one of them.I am an incorrigible lover.
I fall in love, got hurt, come out of it, promise never to fall in love and just as the wounds start healing...My heart starts beating for someone again.

again this happened. this time we are classmates and we go together to the metro station.she is still in a relationship. and she's trying to come out of it. i know that she wont be ready for a new relationship at this moment. but I can't control my adamant heart. It keeps on beating at mere sight of her. and since tomorrow i started joking by saying that I'm head over hills in her love. today at the station I was a bit down...and she was asking me the reason of it. i gave some hint......she went away.her departing words were,"dont really fall in love head over hills with me, it will be so problematic"(ok, i acept, she said some trivial things after that, but it sounds more romantic to say that it was her departing words.)

I thought to forget it. and to say tha i was just extending the joke.That would be hard for me, but then I am a good actor at times. I had made up my mind and started writing this post.......

she called me up, and asked me," are u upset of anything i said?"
-"no, not at all"
and then started the conversation of the most trivial things and above all the conversation of silence.......

shall I change my decision??? or what should i do??? plzzz give me ur valuable and even the cheap suggetions, too. I'm waiting.....

Saturday, December 10, 2005


yesterday after reharshing for sometimes we all decided to catch a movie and finaaly went to a theatrw close to our college to see a movie called NEA AND NIKKI.

we were total 8, all from the pg!st year of botany department. and we went in the hall.
one of us, debarchana, was least inclined to see the movie due to the hero. she doesn't like him. shakri, another friend of us, told her that there are probably 18 to 21 smooching scene and so she should watch it. debarchana got excited. but once the movie started, she was highly disapponted. there were plainty of attraction for the eyes of we boys.. she was getting pissed.
suddenly the hero and heroine smooched and we were shocked to hear a screm:" one, one , one" she was counting it and sscreaming on top of her voice in delight.
it was followed by applause from the whole audience including us. we counted total 13 smooching scenes the longest one was of 30 seconds. the next one was of 24 sec.

we heard another scream. this time shakri screamed in ecstasy to see avishek bachchan .

there were loads of fun. and its a funky movie. and really nice one to see with friends. and according to debarchana, its an educative one ( for the girls who wants to attain anythig by using their "assets". we have one of that kind in our class)

anyway, that's all for now. and r u interestd to know what was the topic of our conversation today??????
everyone was talking about their experience of the "first kiss"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Newton, Gravity,The Apple And Botany

the thought of writing a post on this topic came to mind while attending plant physiology lecture. I thought of developing it into a nice skit but due to my laziness I did nothing. so it's better to write as it is or the idea will be forever lost in the crowd of my endless thoughts. enough of's the main thing

what's the most famous discovery of physics?? probably gravity. we all know, irrespentive of our field, about the story of Newton watching the falling of an apple and discovering gravity.
probably u all know the story since ur childhood. so plz answer. what the story is about???? physics????

surprise!!!!!! my dear. botany is the key factor behind this great discovery.let me explain to the ignorant minds.

ethylene, a plant hormone is responsible for abscission of leaves and fruits. and so the apple would neverhave fallen from the tree, if not for ethylene. and if ethylene was not present in the apple tree...Newton would look at the apple and probably wonder about its taste and end up in eating that.
so who's responsible for the discovery of gravity??? Sir Isac Newton but shouldn't some credit go to botany????

[ i'm feeling like robert langdon of 'da vicin code' fame. and what a sweet revenche it is on our friends from the physics depertment of presidency college]

p.s.: i could not help but mentioning two lines i saw on a t-shirt

"Gravity Is A Myth
The Earth Sucks!!"