Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: The year that was

Since the last few days people started making videos of how 2015 went for them. I was thinking, "I'm still not sure how this is going to end". Well, now it's just 25 hours and few minutes left only. So,yeah, I can do it. Not a video, but a recap.

I travelled. I lived through new experiences. Saw different facades of my personality. Met new people. Formed relations.

But this happens every year, isn't it??
But if I have to say how am I ending this year, I have to accept that I am doing it as a loser.

I lost hope that things can remain same. I lost hope that tables can turn all of a sudden. I lost hope that it can't get any worse.

But, even with all my melancholy, I will always be a hopelessly hopeful person.

Can I lose something that I didn't possess at the first place? So in that case it's not a loser's year.
In case, I have actually lost all these, I did have something worthy of losing. Then all I need is to shift the focus to that.

In 2015, I had it all. I had friendship to lighten my loneliness. I had love to pull me out of depression. I had health to look after myself and people I care about.

So, 2016 can only get better.

Happy old year. Not the start or end, the entire year. I am happy that I lived through it.


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The blog and the blogger

- so, you came back to me. Once more. Crawling.

- yes, do you really need to have this I-told-you-so attitude right now? Can't we just stop thinking and be ourselves?

- of course,of course. Why not? I'm there forever. Just come over whenever you feel like and be totally aloof for years.

- you know that's not the truth. I always miss you. I try several times but it just doesn't happen. I miss the magic,too.

- you think and expect too much. We don't need magic. We can live in the smallest steps. Just be with me.

- I shall. We shall.

-we shall.