Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm a dreamer.i have an amazing capability of dreaming. daydreaming is my favourite way of killing time. but i'm going to talk about something else. the real dream. i dream. whenever i sleep, i dream.and i sleep whenever I get the chance. not only in my bed,but I sleep at bus, train, metro, classroom, theater,auditorium,seminars, private tution, in short everywhere. it started when i was in standard XI. i had my bengali tution early in the morning. no wonder i started sleeping as soon as my tutior stated giving notes. but the most surprising thing is that i took my notes simultaneously.though the handwriting was a bit illegible than my original one, but i could still read it. and that way i developed my skill of takng notes while sleeping. i changed my ttion to the evening shift, but the 'sleeping beauty syndome' didn't go away. after my boards, it was gone. it came back during my 3rd year in college. and in a severe form. i realized it in tution again. the proffessor was teaching us some problems on genetics and he found me with my eyes closed. he called me and asked me the solution. i answered. and it was the right answer. i don't make mistakes when it involves genetics, even when i'm just woke up from a nap. then it took a very casual turn. everyday my proffessor used to awake me up just to say" dwaipayan, u r sleeping!!". and if,by any chance, i didn't sleep during his class a single day; i used to tell hm " sir, i didn't sleep today" not only in tution, i even slept during my college lectures. our biochemistry teacher was unique in his style of teachng. we didn't have to note anything, our only job was to see the projection and hear his words.and for the sake of projection, all the lights of the lecture theatre were turned off. all these together made his lectures so soporific that everyone tried hard to keep their eyes open.and i used to dozz off,that to sitting in the first row. and he was so good that he never told me a single word for this. but I haven't yet said the interesting part of the story. the dreaming all thes naps i dreamt something. and if i had to open my eyes due to some reason, the dream reasumed just the moment i close my eyes again. and i dreamt in all the places i've mentioned at the starting of this post. the fairy tales should be re-written. who is prince charming? i'm the prefect match for sleeping beauty.we will be sleeping ever after. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, August 26, 2005


may be nowadays thriller and Sidney Sheldon or Robin Cook is synonymous to me. But in my childhod the picture was totally different.not only me, but most Bengali people(specially who has been grown up reading benglai books of all kind) would relate to this. Till my teens, thriller mean The books of "PROHELIKA SERIES"(the enigma series), "KANCHANJANGHA SERIES" , the adventures of lady detective Krishna and Shika. but the most famous detective was DIPAK CHATTERJEE and his asistant RATANLAL, created by SWAPANKUMAR. all thse books were published long grandma once told me that she has read some of them in her maiden days.but they were still selling at a good rate at the 80s and 90s. but Swapankumar was the most famous of all the thriller Writers. probably he was the first one to introduce helicopter in bengali thrillers. his detective Mr. Depak Chatterjee was expart at everyting from speaking many languages to martial some spinechilling moments he was described to carry two pistols in his two hands and a dagger at the other hand. but you need to overlook such trivial faults when the dectective is like indian James Bond. and there was a great variation among the villains,too. the most cunning was "BAAJ PAKHI"(the hawk). next was "KALNAGINI"( the queen cobra). always they used to have a breathtaking encounter with the detective but finally they always managed to escape. but Depak Chatterjee never failed to caught the other villains, most of which were burmiz. due to some unknown reason at that time black ambassador means the villain's car and the 90% villains were burmiz. it would be very mean of me not to mention "FELUDA" by Satyajit Ray, "BYOMKESH BOKSHI" by Saradindu Chatterjee, The "joker dhon" and "abar joker dhon", 'KIRITI" by Neharranjan and last but not the least "DOSYU MOHAN"(Mohan the Bandit) by Sasadhar Chatterjee. no doubt, most of them (including the books mentioned at the begining) were better in quality than the ones written by Swapankumar. but none was as thrilling as his ones, too.that's the reason inspite of all the flaws in his book he was the most cherished author of thrillers at his chilhood bows before you, mr.Swapankumar.


it's raining hard outside. but there is not a drop of water in our bathroom(i'm exaggirating a bit!). our ancient water pump is having problems once again. well, it's not a new thing for us. the pump is older than me and since childhood I have seen occassional break downs of it. today it worked for barely 15 minutes and as a result all our stored water is also finished by now. i couldn't take my bath (not that i'm very sad for that). but as it's a hot and humid day,i could have fancied a cold shower before going to bed. but now i've to sleep with the filth of a day. hope the piece of the old machine will be fine by the morning and i'd be able to start my day with a splash.


when was the last time you have watched a daily soap on sony tv or star plus?they are having plastic surgeries so randomly that you wouldn't be able to identify half the character if you don't watch it just for 1 month(16-20 episoads). not long ago, i was watching a soap after some days. our maid asked me about the new face. i told her the new guy is the 'changed' husband of the heroine. after a while i changed the channel and started watching another soap. again we spotted a new face. she, with her newly accquired knowledge, said that here also the husband of the daughter is changed. intelligent though she is, the fact(oops! i mean the script) was the girl got REMARRIED.

Monday, August 22, 2005

meeting a lost friend

Saturday I went to Jadavpur University for an entrance exam. i had no preparation for the exam and went there just because of Mom. but now i'm glad i did it. after the exam, i was talking to a friend of mine and i spotted him. it was koustav, koustav chatterjee. a very old and dear friend.i was seeing him after 2 long years. and he ws looking exactly like the last time, except now he had grown a beard. he was passing by me and i patted on his back. he turned back and recognized me. and we got engazed in a long chat season. while talking, i was thinking about our friendship. we were pals since the 6th standard and after 12th standard our lives were separated. the last time we met, he was studying geology in JU and me botany n Persidency. then they moved from their rented house and our contact was broken. i was talking to him and thinking that this is the guy who was my best friend, though we never studied in the same institution. i used to go school through the road by their home in the hope that i'd be able to get a glimpse of him. such a dear friend he was. we were talking bout the old times, the old pals, our lives, affairs and what not. the only change was in his vocabulary. he has become so foulmouthed. probably it's got contaminated by the engineering students. finally we exchanged each other's contact no. and he saw me off to the auto for the metro station.
i was feeling really thrilled after this meeting. and i'm glad that i went to sit for the exam. everyday you don't meet a lost friend, and that too a dear one. so if you ever have an option, which u don't want to go for; follow my advice and go for it. u never know what's waiting for you.

just for laughs

here is a small poem( i doubt whether it can be called a poem or not) from THE GREAT INDIAN COMEDY SHOW that airs on the channel STAR ONE.

Ocean is made up of droplets
Mountain is made up of stones
size doesn't matter, but

Thursday, August 18, 2005


well, it seems that i managed to find a way through the blind lane,where my career got stuck. i know the new lane wouldn't be a royal one like the earlier one. but i can still move on in life. and that's the important thing.
so the insomnia is gone(although i'm worried a bit) and now i can SLEEP. and i know that 'd be able to do my masters. it means a lot to me at this moment.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

suicidal thoughts

my carrear is in jeopardy. dont know wat will i do. i've always been a good student and now i'm worried bout my admission in masters.
it seems that there are very few options. it's damn insulting. today while coming back from college i was thinking bout commiting suicide. but then that's a very stupid thing. i wont do it anyway. specially not after dad's accidental death. it will put my family in total agony.and that's a thing i cant do to them. otherwise i had loads of reason to suicide. well, probably i have to leave kolkata. i knew it'd happen someday. what i didnt know is that i have to go away as a loser. but it's not the end,man. i'll come back. someday.

"dil naummeed toh nahin
nakaam hi to hain
rangeen hain gam ki shaam,magar
shaam hi toh hain"


today was my councelling for the admisson of msc in botany at presidency college. only two of presidentians wrer there at the whole lecture theatre filled with anxious students. finally i was put in the waiting list. and i came out through the samr path by which i entered persi 3 years ago.
that too was a 16th aug. when i was passing the field then i made a friend called deborshi,who became my best freind in college. but today i was all alone and deborshi turned out to be a traitor.

probably i'm leaving presi now. but 16th aug will always make me nostalgic.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

the crappy crap

hmmm.... I'm thinking. i'm thinking about choosing a topic on which i can compose my next post. this time, for a change, i'm trying to choose a serious topic. but i'm helpless. my brains doesn't allow me to get serious. since the last 15 minutes i'm trying to think seriously and i could only think of writing about:
'CROSSWORD' or 'LANDMARK"- two of my favourite bookstores
that's all. so serious blogging isn't my cup of tea( though i preffer coffee: filtered or cold). so i've n intention of insulting the devine power (which enables me of talking/writing crap endlessly) by engainging in serious stuff. although my crap posts are failed to attract any reader( well, i'd not be attracted to these, myself). and so the no of comments is really low. the only one who comments regularly is soumyadip chowdhury, that's too beacuse he's my cousin.
but i'm not a man to be depressed upon such a petty matter. the devine power has chosen me to fill the cyber space with non-sense craps. and i shall perform my duty

Sunday, August 07, 2005


yesterday one of my pal,payel, came to my place. she asked me whats the position of marriage in todays world. does it mean that i cant look at any person just because i'm married. or i cant fall in love with anybody else than my spouse.

i said no, not at all. u cant expect one person not to fall in love all his life. it's ridiculous. it's natural to fall in love. but just because i love a person i wont commit adultery.
i think the vows of marriage lies in commitment. if i marry someone that means i will be with her for the rest of my life.i wont leave her even for someone whom i find later in my life, not even for my love.

somebody tell my views to my mom and ask her to get me married,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fame gurukul

Fame gurukul:the show that airs on sony tv . I find it totally meaningless. Some people are trying to be star and most of them (e.g.quazi) lack the essential qualities. But now they have surpassed every limit. They have shoot a video of the song “aasma ke paar”.and this airs on sony every half an hour. They have decided to fetch them fame anyway.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mallika sherawat:WHAT?

sometimes i just wonder wat mallika sherawat thinks bout herself. from her public image it seems that she considers herself sexy?"sexy"? uhh! for me she is a TOTAL TURN OFF. she thinks she can achieve success just by showing her skin and smooching on screen. oh man! i pity those heroes who had the badluck to kiss her onscreen. and as far acting is concerned, mallika is poles apart. and she says,her competion is with salma hayek,penolope cruz and angelina jolie. i think all she needs is a visit to a good psychiatrist. poor mallika!!!!!!!
my passions
well, feel like enlighting the world bout my passions. actualy i love a load of things to do.but reading comes first in the list.
since childhood,i've been a voracious reader. books have been always my best friend. i just love reaing. from an early age i've always found the solution of my probs in books. not in any self help type,but in any ordinary story books. still now, whenever i get bore sitting at home;i go to landmark or crossword(two famous bookstores of kolkata.u can read the whole book there without buying it.) and spend my day brousing and reading books.and i just love doing this.

except reading,i love doing a lot of things,but none of them gives me such salvation. i love walking in my terrace at midnight.when everywhere is dark and only a few house have light. i love walking,talking to myself while staring at the nightsky lit by the tinkling stars.

then i love candlemaking, spending time with my friends, surfing the net, blooging,irritating people and wat not. but more than any of these i looooooovvvvveeeeeeee sleeping.and there are also sumthing more. but cant write bout them or the censor board will send an arrast warrant for me.