Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Dumber Than a Bacteria

(for the readers. please, don't skip this post seeing the difficult biological terms. u can read on. i don't know more about them than u do. so if i can write this, u can read it.)

Just a few days ago we were having our genetics and molecular biology class. the teacher was teaching us transcription( the process of rna synthesis from dna) with some complex projections.

he was telling us about different controlling factors like CPSF, CstF,PAP etc. etc. and said that nature has made such an interesting and organised system in all the organism that depending on their need the appropriate molecule synthesis occurs.

I was thinking something else. this process is a basic one. and it occur in all the cells of our body. why we? even a bacteria has this process. and while a tiny cell of my body is managing the whole process with extremely expertise, my brain fail to remember the details of this process. that makes me even dumber than a bacteria!!!!!!

finally i managed to find an excuse to save my self-esteem. brain cells don't divide. and so they don't know the process. that's why my brain can't store the details of this process.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

premarital ***(CENSORED)

scene 1:some days ago, kushboo, a south indian actress had to apolozize because she said that there is nothing wrong in protected pre marital sex.

scene 2: famous tenis player sania mirza said she did not said anything in favour of pre-marital sex and her words were misinterpreted.

scene 3: a police man asked a couple to follow them because they were lying together in victoria memorial ground in kolkata.(u won't find it in news paper like the previous ones. but it's avery common thing and....i'm not saying anything more)

conclusion: indian people are very good and they are strictly against pre-marital sex. all lovers do is whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. people who display affection in public should go to jail.

the reality: indian youth is as normal as their counter part in any other part of the globe. and they have biological urges, how ever the moral police tries to deny that. and they are engaged in all the activities love demand, be it emotional or physical attachment.
normal relationship and platonic love do not co-exixt. and the sexual hormones do not start working only after marriage. will they ever understand????????

Saturday, November 19, 2005

bolywood ishtyle

recently some reserchers found that male rats sing to woo the female ones. they analized the sound(which is inaudible to us) and found distinct phrases, notes and etc.etc. the rats do it after sensing the presence of female hormones.
and i used to think only bolywood heroes try to woo the girls by singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


i'm into hugh confusion. whenever i try to study...all the topics look alien. sometimes i really think -have i picked the right option?? whenever i heard any BE talking about his posting and salary...i thought what am i doing? the field i'm into..requires some more years before i start earning.and if i really want to be a scientist........minimum5 year is necessary.and i've to crack the gre,too.
each day i come college and attened lectures. in some classes the opening line in my notes starts with" what am i doing here?why am i attending this lecture" type of sentence. and now i don't have my usual brake...coz pc is not working properly.

only god knows what i'll do. anyway, i feel a lot better after visiting blogspot.

i also know 'my french name'

Your French Name is:
Gabriel Abadie

Sunday, November 06, 2005

i'm wired

it's a miracle. my pc is working. and so is the internet.
well,now i've realized that my pc is not only a machine but it can think for itself. not only that it's a prankstar.sounds weird? let me explain!!

it was having problem. it was taking longer time in everything,even in shutting down. but he moment the mechanic starts working on it, it was in its best condition. however, like all kids it could not play the good character for long. and he fixed it. but meanwhile it seemed to me that i was visiting www.restarting.com as the pc was restarting again and again. but finally it got fixed.
at the evening came the internet service provider. he tried to work on it for about 2 hours but it was behaving like an adamant kid. finally he went away witout doing anything.but yesterday came 2 people and i don't know what they have done......but now it's become a good boy again and connecting net easily. so now......I'M WIRED

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

poor me

as a diwali gift i arranged a broadband net connection to my pc. and just before taking it. the cd rom drive gor crashed. so now the line is waiting at my home. but i cant install the softwares and so net for me.... my bad luck