Sunday, August 21, 2011


The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference

I have realized the uselessness of the whole situation. So I am on my own again. I do enjoy spending time with myself. Nowadays I spend most of my time reading (and most of my salary buying books from Flipkart ). So it’s kind of okay. Somehow I enjoy this new life.

But… the memories still haunt me. Sometimes, while commuting, some song starts playing on the FM bringing back flashes of conversation from the past. At times, I find her in somebody’s hair, or somebody’s smile.
I know it’s useless. But I often end up messaging after having a drink. Her name comes in my mind at the final moments of ecstasy. I keep telling myself, let go Dwai, let go. And the conversation with myself starts.
What if I was right and am wrong now? What if I read all the signs correctly? What if we r meant to be together? What if we just need some time?
Endless questions. But somehow I know the answers. Answers which I do not want to accept. Answers that I have to believe in but do not want to.
There are some riddles only time can solve. Let’s see how and when I find the key to my sanity.
I tried again and again, but I can never be indifferent about her. Does that mean, I will always…