Thursday, April 17, 2008

The winds of change

I know everything is fact it was always like this only.. but I've become aware of it quite recently. Now I see the faces of the uncles changing into that of the old men, I see my childhood friends busy in their professional world.even the topics of our discussion have changed also. earlier we used to discuss everything but marriage, but now marriage takes a sufficient fraction of our discussion. some days ago one of my friend was telling me over the phone,"see, she is going to get married. that too after one year only. can u imagine her?? with all her commitment phobia?? she's getting married. i think we all will get used to the idea of marriage once she did it. it would seem a normal thing."

and the change is also in our ideas. say park street. it is the same thing as it was 10 yrs ago. but my idea about park street have changed. as a child, I knew park street is a place where grown ups
go to celebrate the new years eve. later, when I started roaming around kolkata, it became a the metro station to visit kolkata book fair. as a teen ager, park street was music world for me; wher ei used to go, browse music and listen to the latest albums at the listening posts. then parkstreet became olypub. and now?? for me, olypub has become park street. and it's still changing... gradually..slowly..but changing.