Monday, January 30, 2006

tagged again

actually it's an old tag. and i'm doing it after a long time. this time,
  • soumyadip
  • did the great job of tagging me. anyway, here it is:

    The rules:

    1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
    2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
    3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
    4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

    target: female
    (shattering all the gossips of me being a gay)

    so my ideal lover should have:

    1.a beautiful mind. though i'd not mind if it comes with a beautiful body

    2.attraction towards books!!it'd be better if she's crazy for books just like me. ability to encourage all my insane ideas and be a part of it.

    4.and at times discrading them, the harmful ones, i mean

    5.ability of being the support when i need that.

    6.a great sense of humour. and should play a prank on me anytime. urge to understand me. not the me i usually project. but the original one hiding behind my usual avtaar

    8.the quality of making me insecure all my life. coz, the moment i feel secure, i start to ignore the person. and so, the easiest way of getting my undivided attraction is to make me insecure.

    so here are all the qualities i want. but who knows what the qualities will be in her?? just to collect everyone's blessings(so that i can find her soon) i'm not tagging anyone.[the real reason is that most have already been tagged]

    Friday, January 27, 2006


    Jee karta hai, teri tatti mein pade matar ke daane ko choom loon,

    Kambhakht kabhi toh honton se hokar guzra hoga!!!

    Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover

    You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you!
    Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter.
    You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you.

    You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable
    Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life
    By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover.

    Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives.
    Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours.
    No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover.

    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Sympathetic Hypocrites

    I was watching Kalyug last night. and when the movie reached it's end, my brainwave realized something: WE ALL ARE HYPOCRITES. shocked?? or are u thinking,"may be the writer is, but I'm not". then, allow me to explain, my friend.

    we never visit brothels and probably fell bad for the poor girls who are forced to take prostitution as a job.and we do hate prostitution. and i know that we all are ready to donate money to any NGO working for their rights.

    and we all have noticed that nowadays some people are trying to capture our private moments.concealed cameras are everywhere and anyone can fall into this trap. we all do believe that it's a intrusion of our privacy.and we do want it to stop and hate the people who shoot innocent people like this.

    i think we all agree to the things written so far. aren't we???so shall i continue????

    well, i think it's enough of moral discussion. why don't we discuss about some interesting things??

    have you all seen the latest reality blue films? i prefer the reality ones because it shows what people really do at bed and lack the vulgarity of general blue films. and thanks to MMS, now we are getting all the interesting stuff just inside our cellphones. be it the DPS students "job", or filmstar Shahid and Kareena kissing each other. and we all know about the videos of miss Jammu which was filmed with a concealed camera, or the numerous MMSes in our mailboxes.

    (I even went to my friend's place to see the Shahid Kareena clip, coz it was not loading in my pc)

    so that means that we all do enjoy pornography.

    so whta's the inference????we hate people who film people's private moments without telling them, but we enjoy the videos. we hate prostittution, but loves to see blue films where half off the girls come from brothels.

    so what are we????aren't we all a bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!
    I hope by now, U also agree with me? don't u????c'mon!!stop hypocricy and accept that u r a hypocrite.

    (P.S. this post has nothing to do with the (handfull)people who never watch pornography or do like to visit brothels. the turget of this post are the majority of people who are good at heart, do empathize with the pain of others and loves pornography.)

    Saturday, January 21, 2006


  • EducatedUnemployed
  • tagged me for doing this. and after the rules here comes my post:

    The rules:
    (1) write a 100-to-200-word entry using the following words: I, me, blow job, grapes, random, power, loneliness, water, robot and blue;
    (2) use these words once and only once; and of course
    (3) the entry should make sense.

    sometimes I just wonder about the way the things are happening this days. some people are doing anything for POWER. random chaos is everywhere. emotionless ROBOTs are giving BLOWJOBs to achieve something.people are getting in BLUE due to the increasing LONELINESS .some people are screaming for a drop of WATER and some are throwing party where wine made from GRAPES are overflowing in ....u may call ME crazy, but this is the way dwaipayan thinks. that's all to say......and it is hard to make it 100 words. so this is the way to increase it.

    so now it's time for.......tagging!!!!!!!!!
    the unfortunate souls are.....

  • Soumyadip

  • 2.
  • Avik

  • 3.
  • Divya

  • 4.
  • d4u

  • 5.
  • Anthony

  • 6.
  • Arz000n

  • 7.
  • Gangadhar

  • 8.
  • Mirage

  • 9.
  • Aklanta
  • Monday, January 16, 2006

    The best blonde joke

    i dont like putting jokes im my blog, but......
  • this
  • one is dfifferent. i can't help but put it here. just read it man!!!!!!!it's simply amazing!!!

    p.s.:thanks for this joke, abaniko!!!

    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    You Were Actually Born Under:
    You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest.
    However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are!
    Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk.
    You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood!

    You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse.
    You Should Have Been Born Under:

    Delicate, timid, and attractive - sometimes you really do act like a bunny.
    You're very compassionate and protective of those you love, sometimes too protective.
    Your home is really your castle, and you make sure your home is comfortable and well furnished.
    You don't like to argue - and you prefer a quiet, peaceful life.

    You are most compatible with a Goat or a Pig.


    i just finished watching the movie 'MY BROTHER NIKIL'.and i'm highly affected by it.i'm not gonna write on homosexuality or AIDS; both demand an entire post on itself. but after watching the movie all i want to do is to support people invected with HIV.

    we still laugh at any advertise on AIDS, but now i know what the result of this we-don't-care attitude is. and i' shocked. i did read lots of newspaper reports on how people illtreated the family of an hiv positive person. but i used to think it happens in rurla areas, not in any city filled with educated peoples. but we all know that we are not educated, but 'so called educated'.

    but now i want to change, i want to make differences. however small it would be. i want to join a group supporting HIV positive people. in this movie their group is called 'people positive'. does any of u know about any such groups in kolkata or in india?if u know, plz give me the contact details.

    and think once before laughing or ignoring at any poster about AIDS.

    Thursday, January 05, 2006


    1. Kissed your cousin: hmmm......noooooo
    2. Pictured your crush naked: crush.i didnt. girlfriend i did
    3. Skipped school: loads of times during my+2.used to go school 3days a week only.and in these days,too, used to attend practical classes only
    4. Broken someone’s heart: i did.
    5. Cried when someone died: Yes.
    6. Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: yeah!!!just ask my college mates.
    7. Broke a bone: fortunately NOOO.
    8. Done something embarrassing: I'm an expert in this.
    9. Lied: did lots of time. but prefer not to unless emargency

    10. Coke or Pepsi: hmmm...pepsi, i suppose??
    11. Sprite or 7UP: seven up.
    12. Girls or Guys: girls obviously
    13. Flowers or Candy: flowers, i just love to disect it and examine it under the simple microscope.
    14. Scruff or Clean shaved: Clean shaved…but due to my lazyness most of the time i'm unshaved
    15. Blondes or Brunettes: no one
    16. Tea or Coffee: tea in college canteen or in the college field, but it need to be red tea. coffee if somone is treating or black coffee at home in winteror anytime
    17. Tall or Short: tall, but not taller than me
    18. Trousers or Skirts: trousers,undoubtedly
    19. Night or Day:'s good for lots of things

    20. What do you notice first: looks and dignity
    21. Like Being Spanked: well...what do u think???
    22. Worst Question For Him/Her to ask: will u be with me?

    23. Showered: yesterday, though unwillingly
    24. Stepped outside: Just came back home after a day at college
    25. Had Sex: oh man! i'm still virgin!!!!

    26. Ever been Engaged/ Married: no
    27. Your Good luck charm: nothing special. but harry is my bad luck charm
    28. Person You Hate Most: one in the family
    29. Best Thing That Has Happened Recently: getting back to presidency
    30. Picture on your desktop: none. its a black screen. though i was thinking of putting the picture of a dna double helix
    31. Color: Black, Blue,Red
    32. Movies: romantic movies or the intelligent comedies. and the american pies
    33. Artist or band: none special
    34. Cars: dream of owning one one day
    35. Ice Cream: my mouth is watering.
    36. Alcoholic Drink: woud like to try the cocktails; had rum only and it's BAD
    37. Food: I love eating anykind of edible thing
    38. Makes you laugh the most: hary and debarati and shaon
    39. Makes you smile: sreya
    40. Can make you feel better: shakri and sreya and suryadipa
    41. Has a crush on you: all the girls of my ug class at a time.but it stayed only for 1 to 2 days only
    . Would you be if you could choose: myself
    43. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: arpita aka dodo aka putirani

    44. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone all night: not all night but all day
    45. Save MSN conversations: did yahoo
    46. Save E-mails: since i've started using gmail, i save all the emails
    47. Forwarded secret e-mails: yeah yeah i did
    48. Wish you were someone else: not actually
    49. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex:nope
    50. Wear perfume: occassionally
    51. Laugh a lot: always do
    52. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: whenever i have an off day

    53. Fallen for your best friend? nooooo
    . Made out with JUST a friend? naaaaa
    55. Kissed two people in the same day? same day?? no, kissed only one so far that to once so far in my life
    56. Had sex with two different people in the same day? what???irrevalent
    57. Been Rejected? yes
    58. Been In Love? hmmm.its heaven
    59. Been In Lust? sometimes
    60. Used Someone? yup
    61. Been Used? yeah
    62. Dumped Someone? yes
    63. Been Cheated On? yes
    64. Back Doored It? never
    65. Done Something You Regret? yes. and i really regret doing so

    66. You Touched? a guy frm chemistry dept. i've forgotten his name. we shaked hand while i was coming home
    67. You Talked To? grandmom
    68. You Tickled? soutik, the cartoon of our class…
    69. You Instant Messaged? shiladitya
    70. You Kicked? shoutik again
    71. You Yelled At? bipasha, i was lokking for such an oppertunitty and i got that
    72. You Dreamed About? dnt remember. the last one i remember was my sis
    73. Who Text Messaged You? banby.
    74. Who Broke Your Heart? well. leave it
    75. Who Told You They Loved You? my ex and my pal's sis

    DO YOU…
    76. Color Your Hair? NO
    77. Have Tattoos? NO
    78. Have Piercings? no
    79. Own A Webcam? no
    80. Own A Thong? NOOOO
    81. Own More Than 10 Pairs Of Shoes? 4only.
    82. Speak A Language Besides English? bengal and hindi,though the hindi speaking people say my hindi is something else
    83. Buy Designer? nope
    84. Ever Get Off The Damn Computer? well........i think i did

    85. Stolen Anything? probably.
    86. Smoke? yes
    87. Schizophrenic? No way.
    88. Obsessive? A lot…
    89. Bipolar? ???
    90. Compulsive? Nope
    91. Panic? Yup, I panic very easily
    92. Anxiety? most of the times
    93. Stressed? sometimes
    94. Glad This Quiz Is Over? finally its over. man i'm so happy

    after writing so much my body needs rest. so people, do tag urself if u like this essay type post. its fun to do it. and soumyadip, even if u dnt like it.u'll do it. coz i'm tagging u

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    a short update

    shakri and IC both have won. and though i vote for shakri, i did not withdraw my nomination so that i can accompany shakri while counting. but while counting, i was astonished to find that someone has dropped a vote for me. whoever it is, must be madly in love with me. imagine!!the persone has voted me when i myself didnt. wowwwww

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    college election vs democracy

    I used to think voting and taking part in an election is the democratic right of everyone,until today.
    tomorrow is the student's general election of presidency college,kolkata; i.e;my college.i've filed a dummy nomination and my friend shakri is running for the post of CR from our pg1 of botany dept.both of us are supporting IC,the independent consolidation; the ruling party of college.

    today i got a call from the opposition. they asked politely me not to take part.i cut the line and switch off the phone.
    at night 7 or 8 people came to my home.only one was from our college . rest were from CPI(M),the mother party of SFI,the opposition. they told me that there will be probs tomorrow at college and i better not to go. also i should not contact anyone and it'd be better if i detach my sim card. and there will be two helpful people who will guard our door, so that i can not go out of house tomorrow. very nice. i just wonder that so helpful people exists in todays world.

    my sis, a journo, called someone who is at a top position of SFI in state level. she has a personal relationship with him. and he assured me to go college and to call him directly if i face any kind of problem. he also told me that he has given the necessary instructions.

    so i'm a bit relieved. but still, i dont know what will happen tomorrow. but isnt it undemocratic to threaten somone like that. it could be someone else with no connections. what would happen then????

    what do u think??????