Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving On

How hard is it to go and never looking back? How hard is it to think of someone, with whom you have shared your joys and sorrows, as a stranger? How hard will it be? For 'Us'? For me? For 'Her' ?

We think we are matured enough to act maturely. We think we know a lot and understand even more. We say, "Everyone is irreplaceable but no one is indispensable". Everyone. No one. We generalize.

I have decided to sail away. I have decided to move on & never look back. I have decided to be a stranger. And i think only it can make me happy.

I move away. Waiting for a call which can make me go back. But we are mature. so the call never comes.

So many times I wanted to be right but turned out to be wrong. And this time i want to be wrong... and I am afraid of turning out right.