Sunday, July 31, 2005

hmmmm,what ur G says?

handwriting analysis has always been attracting me. so when i got manaswita, who is equally interestwed in that, in college ,u can assume what happens. we used to analyse the 'g's and the 'y's of our proffessors.because these two laters show the sexual area. ant that way we beame aware of most of our proffs sexual prefferences. its a good fun to have such a well informing hobby
my pc sucks

i was very enthusiastic to play a game of singles in my pc.u can make ur characters do anything in this game,including sex. but when i tried to install the game it says it requires directx9.0b or higher and unfortunately mine is only 8.

but now when i've collected that,the mouse is broken and to top it all my pc isnt booting up and continuously saying that the bios in my pc isnt ACPI compliant. curse it.
midnight blues

just two days ago i was listening to the radio lying at my bed in the night. they were playing some mushy mushy romantic type songs which reminded me of my 1st love:SUMEDHA

she was in my clg, a year senior than me. our lovestory was only 50% sucessfull,i.e.,i was ready for it and she wasnt. we had a loads of misunderstanding and wat not. forget it.
but then at the night i realised that i just missed her birthday for a few mins. it was 0:15 of 29th july and 28th july is her birthday. cldnt control myself, wrote her a later. but with the morning all my enthusiasm was gone and the letter would never be posted. that's why i call it MIDNIGHT BLUES
finally i'm on wheels

since standard four i wanted to own it, and finally bought it after completing my grads. anyway, it's never too late to start skating. practising in my balcony......back is still aching and it pains to touch my adam's apple: thanks to the great fall i had in front of the kitchen. but then, u cant learn skating without falling down.
presi assault and students rights

just some days ago an outsider assault a presi girl. the heat is still on. in this context one of my friends comment:" how dare an outsider come to college and assualt a girl? it's the privilage of a stuend of presi only"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


with all the hype the book is relerased and the electronic version is avaiable for free. if u want it..leave ur request and ur email here.

though the book is in my mail id, i preffer to wait for getting the real book. ofcourse i have to buy the pirated copies........coz 895 is tooooooooo much for a book,however irresistable it is.

but for the ones who mare reading this..............proff.snape is the half blood prince.yeah!!!!!!!i've killed the suspense

after rading about the hills wala blog my shillong wala cousin has asked me y didnt i mention shillong. let me clarify.

comparing to himalayan hills, meghalayan hilla are really small. but they do have a charm of their own. but i've my own reasons not to mention shillong. but promise not to laugh at me.

actually in shillong resides my mejomashi( my maternal aunt). and she is a great cook and i lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee FOODS. so shillong reminds me not only bout the hills but also bout the tasty sondesh, mouth watering cakes, steamed cup of coffee,and wat not.

moreover, i've two cousins there. one of whom is friendly with me ( hope u r reading this rintu!) but at the moment he is in delhi. and the other one is married and busy in his job. so i'll get bored in shillong. i mean i cant eat 24 hours.......

so once again my life will be ruled by the bryophytes. i'll be lost counting angiospermic families. algae, fungi, pteridophytes, microbes.............all again. for 2 more years i'll deal with all these. in short, i've decided to do my masters in BOTANY.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

calling off the hills

dnt know why, but hills really fascinate me. no, this is an under statement....whenever i see the hills or even read bout them ......i feel an irresistable urge to go there. specially the hills of north east india. i'm ready to give anything for a tour in the hils of manipur, nagaland or a weekend in kalijorah or a vacation in sikkim.

now this craze for hills has reached such a level that while seeing bose the forgotten heroe, i was looking at the mountains of afghanisthan( though it was ladakh in reality).i had a feeling that i couldnt control.....i just wanna be there. wanna feel the cool breezes....wanna shiver.......wanna see the mountains......

well, wanna feel more..but my time's up in this cafe. get back to blogging later. till then bye

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

result is knocking

well! i thought the resultophobia would be the best topic to start blogging
i dnt know for sure, but the result is going to be publish soon, very all bad things do.well probably it will be out by 15th july. so i'm enjoying the last few days of my freedom. coz, once its out and my bad marks are published.........I'M FINISHED. so i' m doing all things i wanna do in the last few days. i'm making the candles i wanna make, reading the books i wanna read, and going out everyday. becoz, once my masters class starts......i wont be able to do all these things.
untill next bye.( as if someone is going to read this)