Monday, May 08, 2006


two of my latest visitors have came to meaningless crap looking for ".miss jammu in blue film" and "sexual tenis players" ....

I apologize to this two special visitors not being able to satisfy their demand!!! naturally their visit last for 0 second only!!!


Arz000n said...

miss jammu in blue film...kya baat hai...I've seen this film in clips...kuch maza nahi aaya lekin :(

sexual tennis players...aah haaa....sania ya maria ;)

Good to see...good good people coming on ur blog dwaipayan :D:D:D

medusa said...

i have seen miss jammu in blue is anara gupta no?
very shady it is.
n sexual tennis players also i have senn, very muddy they r
so v happy, u dint miss anything