Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Winner

this is to notify that d4u has won the contest and the pic is of a fan, as i manipulated the camera settings, the fan blades didn't show up.

and as the winner's prize she has won the rare oppertunity of seeing the fan picturised. so d4u, come kolkata and see it..


ish said...

nice blog :D

d4u said...

Lol..yay..kool:D!!! Winning a contest after long and thank u 4 the prize!! Whos sponsorin the tickets;)??

Gangadhar said...

dat's great pic yaar.
And wonderful prize too...lolzzz

btw congrats on owning digicam..Enjoy..look forward to more pics from u..

take care

Rita said...

A fan? That is a surprise! :)

Arz000n said...

Wil-ma has won the contest..
Congratulations :)

Gangadhar said...

hey..long time no update?
And how's you? You're one of my family members,,just go and visit my blog for details...
thank you..