Saturday, February 17, 2007


sometimes you act yourself, sometimes you wear a face. I wear a thousand faces.
sometimes I'm the friend everybody wants. one who helps you in distress, who shares your pain and your joy.
sometimes I'm a student, craving for knowledge. who wants to learn.
sometimes I'm a lover who says he's ok after loosing his sweetheart. because she couldn't love him and if he said the truth she'd feel guilty.
sometimes I'm a soul who's moved by the differential treatments in today's world.

I wear a thousand faces. the face of a son, a man, a student, a friend, a brother, a cousin, a lover, a confidante, a blogger, a thinker.

among all these faces my real face has lost somewhere. and with so many faces I'm unable to locate the face I really had. I've lost my identity, but all these faces together have given me a different identity.

I'm not anymore what I was. but this is what I am. may be I'll be something else tomorrow. but right now this is what I am.


Rahul said...

great post

Soumyadip said...

That's only 11. Where are the other 989?

dwaipayan said...

thanks for ur visit. keep visiting.

use ur imaginationI if any). those 11 are the main classes of my faces. but i wear different faces of a student to different people. to each of my friend I'm a different dwaipayan. some finds him cool and gay, some finds him touchy.
and there lies the rest.
anyway, keep in mind that i'm BAD at maths. so don't bug me about numbers.. never

endroneel said...

onek ta stings er "a thousand years" gaan tar moto hoyeche..tobe bhalo...mane sadist note thakleo seta bhalo ke uttirno kore na..still u r good in ur heart

deepti said...

:-) Hmmmmmmm.....
U r An ORANGE sweetheart.
So now i can market u as well ;-)
Jst kidding.
Hws life?

Anonymous said...

like dee's kaleidoscope, u change every second, with every twist and turn that life offers, and yet, the basic structure remains same...u r one u r luking at...

her wizard

Abaniko said...

Whatever face you 'carry', what you do is what defines you.

job said...
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