Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm Back

so...I'm back.
ok the main reason is a bit of appreciation. today my cousin told me that my blog is on T@, a supplement of the telegraph. and then I found it's about this post. in the article they have mentioned the reaction of some bloggers to the generation leaps of indian soaps.

i know it's not a big deal and most of the bloggers are regularly featured in media. but hey... it fells a bit nice to see a word or two about ur blog in paper. ain't it?

and rest of the day was also nice. had a wonderful shower in rain. it rejuvenated my whole spirit.
I was waiting for so long for this rain to come.
"let the rain come down and wash away my tears ,
let it heal my soul endrown my fear"

went to watch tara rum pum with cousins. and the movie was quite nice. however, I felt that the chemistry between saif and rani was not as good a sin hum tum. but anyway, its nice movie.

the only bad news about today is that my exams are from 21st may. and i'm still unaware of even the syllabus. forget the course materials.

oh, just some moments ago i saw that Mandira Bedi has again made headlines and yeah, it's with her clothes. this time she has wore a sari which is like a blockprint of the national flags of the countries playing the world cup 2007. and our tiranga was positioned on somewhat around her knees.

the designer is telling that it's completely her fault, because she draped the sari in such a fashion . however, i feel that the designer is as much guilty as her, if not more.
coz when he designed the sari, he knew what will be positioned where.

but anyway, the positive side of this scandal is that now the media will forget the gere-shetty kiss because of this. anyway, I fail to understand why some people object when shilpa shetty herself has no problem. they say, it's an insult to the indian culture. fine.
have they ever cared to notice the no of people suffering from AIDS in india, I assume they may find that glorifies Indian culture.
lage raho india... we really have advanced.

for a change do something meaningful and spend your energies doing something that helps people.