Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got back to kolkata yesterday. in last two weeks i went to delhi and hyderabad. and now aftr some really long journey, I'm back.
but now i have not much to do in kolkata. my comp is not working(posting this from a cafe), I don't have any class to attend. just i have some evening tuitions to take.so I'm just getting bored.

just an hour ago, i was lying in my room. only 12 days have passed in between. but somehow, i was feeling like a stranger in my own room. And I realized that i really felt like home in delhi.

I know it's just a passing phase. just after two more days everything will be all right again. but i wondered, is the passing phase a face of globalisation?
may be not. but i think 'meaningless crap' should resume it's journey again with such a meaningless question only.

a question which has no answer. a question that will not even exist after 2 days. a question that haunts me, NOW.

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