Sunday, August 24, 2008


For the last 2 weeks I'm feeling this. The whole week I'm busy with classes, giving tuitions, catching up with friends and what not. But on weekends, I wake up late. And after that i feel as if I have nothing to do. Sometimes I try to spend some time online. When i really get bored of doing nothing, i even try studying. But still... there is a feeling of emptiness. As if I lack something.

What's that? Is it happening because i don't have any romantic interest? Or is my always empty wallet the reason? Mainly I can understand that it's the absence of works to do. But that's impossible. I'm not a person who loves to work a lot. Rather I prefer I laid back attitude. Or should I say, I used to prefer.

Is two months of MBA changing me??


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oceanic mirages said...

hey dwai, hop u r well sweetie. miss u a lot, was watching a couple of my b'day pics, miss u so much...
n trust me nothings gonna change u or ur life.

Rachit Goel said...

It happens with everyone, not just you. 'getting bored' is the term when we do not find anything new in our life. Simple that is....

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