Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Denobly...

John, Mona, Cyrus, Alisha, Kiran, Alak Ma’am. Vinny Sir - do the names sound familiar? Do you still remember a group of 12th standard teenagers and their life in and out of their school? Do you still remember “Hip Hip Hurray!”??

The 1998 soap used to come on Zee Tv on every Wednesday. I started watching it pretty late, but once I did, I just couldn’t stop. Many of us believe that it’s still the best TV serial based on youth. For some, Hip Hip Hurray relates to her childhood.

And for all of us who experienced the magic, there’s another chance to experience it again. Disney Channel India has started re-running the series from 12th Oct. And it’s being aired on Monday-Thursday at 5:30 pm.

Finally Disney Channel has found an Indian serial to match its counterparts abroad. When I see Lizzie McGuire, or Recess I always feel bad that the same channel shows “Dhoom Machao Dhoom” and “Kya Mast Hain Life”. But Now Disney channel is showing something which is worth showing to the Disney channel of other countries.

Let them see, for a change.

When I told a few friends about this rerun, they all asked me the timing. They all would love to see this again. In fact I wonder why the producer never released the DVD of the entire series. Even if they do it now, it’ll be a huge hit.

I don’t know whether kids of this generation would like to see a series when there were no cell phones. I don’t know how much would they identified with the characters. But innocence never loses its charm. And anyway, it’s still the best Indian series on youth. It still is.

As i was glued to the TV set just for listening to the title song of “Hip Hip Hurray!”, so I decided to share it with you.

Download the title song from here and listen on your own gadget.

And Thank Disney Channel India. Or should I say, Hip Hip Hurray??

P.S. I can still watch the entire series just to see Peeya Rai Chowdhary as Kiran or Candida Fernandes as Alisha.


Alakananda said...

wat about nilanjana as mona?!?!nd purab as mazhaar?!?!?i love ur blog!!!nd yess...hip hip is a time machine!!!it takes u bk to ur schooldays and meks u want to hav dt life bk agn!!!no placemnt tensions no problems!!!!
miss the tv show as well as d school days!!!!!!!![sigh]

adee said...

u r a creature of nostalgia
just like me

Mishika said...

I vaguely remember it. I was 7 that time, but what I do remember it that i loved it then. Will try watching the re-run for sure. Thanks :)