Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Berlin wall

Why do we erect walls? For protection and security. And why did I erect this invisible yet impenetrable wall? Definitely to protect my feeble emotions. It also gives me a false sense of security. With the presence of this wall, no one can infiltrate in my heart and invade there. And though I myself have erected this wall, even I can’t climb it over. It’s not that I didn’t try to cross the wall and jump to the other side, but I learned that it only hurts. And so I’m accepting this wall as a part of my belonging. And my world is divided into the East Berlin and West Berlin.

The paradox is I don’t know which side of the wall I’m facing.


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sunshine said...

a very subtle way to put the eternal confusion of many...and I think everybody has made some kind of Berlin wall at some point...to go away from sorrows...although some people say they are not meant to be forgotten as they are called as "experience".

Madgaux said...

Just try and find the beginning of this terrible wall and it will give you insight into many facets of this wall, it will not only strengthen you but it will shape and mould you to help others .

God bless.

St. George said...

mc, I think to some extent we like the wall..not exactly like but you know..some things you cannot do without.