Saturday, December 10, 2005


yesterday after reharshing for sometimes we all decided to catch a movie and finaaly went to a theatrw close to our college to see a movie called NEA AND NIKKI.

we were total 8, all from the pg!st year of botany department. and we went in the hall.
one of us, debarchana, was least inclined to see the movie due to the hero. she doesn't like him. shakri, another friend of us, told her that there are probably 18 to 21 smooching scene and so she should watch it. debarchana got excited. but once the movie started, she was highly disapponted. there were plainty of attraction for the eyes of we boys.. she was getting pissed.
suddenly the hero and heroine smooched and we were shocked to hear a screm:" one, one , one" she was counting it and sscreaming on top of her voice in delight.
it was followed by applause from the whole audience including us. we counted total 13 smooching scenes the longest one was of 30 seconds. the next one was of 24 sec.

we heard another scream. this time shakri screamed in ecstasy to see avishek bachchan .

there were loads of fun. and its a funky movie. and really nice one to see with friends. and according to debarchana, its an educative one ( for the girls who wants to attain anythig by using their "assets". we have one of that kind in our class)

anyway, that's all for now. and r u interestd to know what was the topic of our conversation today??????
everyone was talking about their experience of the "first kiss"


d4u said...

I saw the movie today and all i can say is it was "pathetic"...actually who acted in the movie?? Waste of time and money.

Vijay Krishna said...

Not a single review I've read about the movie has said that it is even passable.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Heard a lot abt the movie ... i thot it wud be a good one .... but havent got any good reviews from ma friends in India who watched it .... so am not gonna buy the DVD ... plus the smooching scenes ... sheesh ... u cant watch it with parents man! Though u get to see all tht live here ... haha .. but still sitting on the sofa and watching such movies with parents ......... instead of focussing on the TV screen .. ma eyes keep going on the left and right ... and my ears hearing 'tsk tsk tsk...'

lol and talk abt 'assets'!! hahaha

Rita said...

Oh! I did not even know that the movie had released. I normally do not go by reviews, but I am not sure, I want to watch it.

Soumyadip said...

If all that a movie demands is counting the number of kisses in there. I have better things to do. The 'assets' can be distracting, but they need to be properly packaged. The promos of the movie that I saw, left me disappointed.

Anonymous said...

its good that u have given a hint about the movie.there r much better things in life to do,than to sit in theatre and count the number of kisses.

Zombie said...

what happens when a guy gets a physical makeover done and a girl starves for months-no-end?

u get NnN

thank god i skipped it.

Anonymous said...

And I think I know you. You stay in dum dum, don't you. And have got an elder sister. All these days I was trying to figure you out, and know I think I know. Great detectve work from me. Deciphering identities of anonymous bloggers.

dwaipayan said...

anonymous!!!!1 good work. but u r the anonymous blogger not me. ok? i do use my name. so.....ur comment is wrong. but ur work is great

strawy said...

heyy thnx for visiting my blog..
ummmm now me cant wait to watch this movie..lolzz

me wanna shout tooo ..lolzzz

so u guys had fun haan... kewl
i like the songs of this movie.
nice post..thnx

anthony said...

is it realy worth a watch????

Gangadhar said...

I try watch dis movie tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

i dnt feel like wtchng ths movie at all