Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The (un)Smart Card

I've always been a great fan of the metro railway, Kolkata. and so I was highly delighted at the news of metro launching the new smart card. it was suppossed to be launched at october,2005 and it finally launched on 25th January,2006.
I bought mine on 1st february.I picked one with 60 days validity with a balance of 253 rs for which I have to pay the authority 200 rs apart from the refundable 100 rs for a new card.

the whole month i used it and was very happy to do so.
then on march 6th or 7th, while coming back from college, I tried to use it but it was rejected. the authority said thaT THE VALIDITY HAS EXPIRED. IMAGINE!!! I HAD 6O DAYS VALIDITY AND THE VALIDITY HAS EXPIRED AFTER 30 DAYS!!!
I showed them some evidences proving that this can't happen as I have bought a card with 60 days validity...they seem to be understood and advised me to contact the station I bought it from..

so I went to Central metro station the next day. someone in the station master's room asked me to come the next day by 10 am and he said that the makers of smart card would be there and they would solve it in minutes.

so on 9th march I went there at morning and visit the station master;s room and meet the station masters. he asked me to submit an application writing about all these to the authority. and he said that I'd get the card after 7 days... so I did that and submitted my card with a balance of Rs. 125.

after 7days I contct them. they said it's not been fixed yet and asked me to come another day....and afer some more frustrating visit to the station and some equally frustrating phone calls today I got to know that it has finally narrived there.
I went there and collected it(not to mention that they were giving it away to someone else without checking his smart card no). and they recharged it and I saw that mine has a balance of Rs.120.(coz the new recharge has 120rs balance with 30 days validity and costs 100Rs. thank god, they didnt ask me to pay)

I asked them about the thing ...they said, they can't help it but they would ask the authority to do something....I told them some things( coldnot create a tantrum as they were already apologizing)...
so...the equation of my loss wold be"
5 rs balance+5 rs fr phone call in 2 days+1.25Rs for xerox(not to add the harrassment )=11.25Rs+the loyality and faith

I have only one more thing to say:

Fu*k bureaucracy!!!!


Abaniko said...

Tech glitch, eh?

Prince Kazarelth said...

and some beautiful Lingo.Why can't we have pure calcuttan Ch*d?

Pals said...

nice blog

hutumthumo said...

ekhana molotov mocktail jhaarlen na keno?

Gangadhar said...

Equation's good..but i'm so sorry about the loss..

have a great weekend,mate..

greensatya said...

Hmm yeah thats bureacracy for you.
The USP of Indian bureacracy - the only one in world to work.
(I read this in LonelyPlanet Guide)

I guess just a phone call would have been sufficient to make it correct.

Just dropped by and still navigating.

educatedunemployed said...

Hmm, don't let things like that get to you.There is much worse to be faced.Take this as a learning experience and move on.Also,do not give up.Only then would you have beaten the system.

Arz000n said...

Smart Cards aint smart enough....tch...tch...tch..

ME said...

yeah.. typical slow, non-working calcutta!