Thursday, November 02, 2006

the journey of love

The train was moving towards NJP. the night was slowly dying giving way to a new day: a new beginning. even the sleepless eyes were taking a nap. only 2 pairs of eyes were still open.

I was lying in my lower birth..She was sitting beside me. some letters were exchanged. I gave her 3. she gave me her 1st. and we were there.
her hands were on mine. I was in dilemma: should I look into the outside to see the birth of a new day or should I look into her eyes to see the birth of love?

she requested me to have a little bit sleep. I refused and said I didn't want to loose such a wonderful night by sleeping..
and the time flowed.
we were on the bus on the way to Gangtok. It was getting darker. Even the bubbly river was quiet. we were talking softly.But we were communicating more by the silence than the words.

we stayed at Gangtok for that night. That was the night for the proposal. I took her roommates into my team and discussed the plans with them. As planned, i went to their room with a tiny card and a tiny local chocolate. I gave her that.. she was kind of disappointed and asked me, that's all?
I was waiting for this question and so I took out the box of Swiss chocolate with the heart shaped opening and a card and told her," did u expect that I'd propose u with such a huge chocolate and a card like that kneeling down in front of you?"


We reached Lachung. It was dark by the time we settled down. the weather was chilly and the floor was wooden. the whole place was clam except our cacophony and the never ending music of Teesta, the gorgeous river.

we were at her room.her roommates were sitting at the staircase leaving us alone. she was sitting and I was lying at the bed. I was talking. don't know it was the effect of alcohol or her company which made me tipsy, but I was saying each sentence at least 3 times. Moreover, I was asking her whether I'm repeating my words. and ye..I asked her 3 times, too.
It was nearly midnight and so I asked our friends to come in. and when they came I said,"hello!!you shameless gits.. I was just asking u to be polite and U really came in??"
no wonder I was thrown out of the room!!

the next morning I received a letter from her.And we were on our way Yumesedong ( I'm sure the spelling is wrong). I was feeling like reading it every now and then. But I told myself that I'd read it once we reached at the spot. I'd read it while sitting beside the river. The waiting was memorable itself, like the journey. I realized that love is like hills: no wonder the destination is beautiful. but the journey is more beautiful.
when we reached there, it was really chilly. and though it was hurting to keep my naked hands outside my pocket, I started reading the letter. and the snowfall started. the tiny snowflakes were coming down to us, immortalizing the moment.

There were five more nights and countless moments that we spent together. Be it the evening beside the river when I threw a love note sealed in a empty pepsi bottle in the river, or be it the night at Pelling when we were sitting at the balcony and I was constantly encouraging her to ditch me, or be it the few moments in the returning train when we were talking and everyone was sleeping, or be it the moment when our friends and her roommates slept intentionally giving us the solitude of the room, or shall i tell you about the campfire night when the proff asked me to sing a song and I started singing "when you say nothing at all" for her...

We have talked, fight, laughed,cried and what not? But what I learned is that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination..and Love is one such a time.She's still confused and thinking.. But me, the ultimate commitment phobic have declared myself committed. strange??'s love!!

Love you!!

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Anonymous said...

two things: one why are there not more like you. second, i will certainly kill the one if he was so vocal like you. no offenses! u r a lucky guy.

adi said...

atlast, i get to comment :)

first i loved d post. second, i loved the comparison with a hilly journey. who knows, i might even write smthing about it. and third, u can steal that away from me. for your love, anything i can do, i'll :)

thanks for sharing it with us.

dwaipayan said...

m anonymous;
is it a compliment or a curse??

adi dear;
the pleasure is all mine!!

Gangadhar said...

good one dwai..loved the post..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... little bro's in love and hopelessly at that.

Anonymous said...

Ha the exhaustion of it all n all the've written it so well. And you are a lucky guy indeed and as soumya hopeless in luck :p

medusa said...

dint have to ask boy friend for the details after all, it was all here.
so does being in love mean no more posts? atleast give updates.
and btw, loved the post

deepti said...

hey buddy... sorry i dint read this before. gud luck.

dwaipayan said...

I'm glad that you liked it.

big bro knows me better.


of course there will me more posts as well as updates..

thanks.. and hope u wouldn't mind if I call you dee? or is that someone else's privilage??

Vipul said...

U potrayed it so well especially the way u compared everything like there is a vivid picture and its gone come alive any moment:)nice work

Anonymous said...

I liked the whole thing.
You have reminded me about my own love story.I just want to say history repeats itself.The most beautiful part of this is your proposal.u r very romantic dai.