Saturday, November 11, 2006

What Can Be Done?

I know that we don't talk much in college. What can be done? We have to keep our affair hideen from the curious eyes.
I Know we don't stay together for much time after classes. What can be done? We got tired after classes and these days we have to leave the campus by 6:30pm.
I know that both of us look forward to the walk to the metro station after college. But then the metro comes and we have to depart leaving each other. What can be done? We have works at home, too.

But today you didn't come to college. I did attend classes till 4pm. Then with friends I went to canteen and quadrangle, finally went to the metro station and got back home. All the while missing you terribly!What can be done?? I love you with all my heart! Yes! I do love you with all my heart.

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deepti said...

hey... finally found ur blog!!! Adaab... u r in love,but u dint mention all those moments that u have spent vid her saying nothing n still being able to say everything. The conversation that starts without words and ends saying nothing. The whole moment becoming yours ven u think abt her... luking forward to read u more...

ILLUSION said...

it shows tat u really love her........though u r unable 2 overcome these,but still u love her and want to be with just go ahead my frend.

erenity said...

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