Tuesday, June 24, 2008

and it's not a book review...

I remember Poonam once told me that she wanted to read that book. I have seen that book many a times on the bestsellers list at the bookstores. I always looked at that book, picked it up, read the reviews, and put it back where it belongs. A story about an afghan boy. Afghanistan... a land i knew through Mujtaba Aali’s writings, the land of the kabuliwalas, of the dry fruits. Afghanistan... a land which has been devastated. So i never thought i would be interested in a story about an afghan boy.

But i had no books to read. So i took it from a friend yesterday. She said that many people want to read it, so I better give it back to her soon. I told her that I’d finish it soon. But I was thinking that people wouldn’t mind if they won’t get to read it. After all, who wants to read such a story? Even i’m going to read this because i have nothing better to do. I have heard people praising this book. But i was certain that it’d be quite dull.

I started reading it while coming back in the metro. And i read it today. The whole day i was reading it. And by midnight i had finished it. And yet i wasn’t over. That’s why I’m on my laptop now, composing this post.

Yes, the story revolves around an afghan boy. But it wasn’t limited to him or Afghanistan only! it speaks of something greater. It speaks about childhood, friendship and kinship. It speaks about our psychologies. It says how we make mistakes, though we didn’t want to make that. And how we do something knowing that we should have done the opposite thing instead. But above all it shows that we are all human! With our own little shortcomings. But there is a chance to be good again! There is a chance to be good again, indeed.

Read “The Kite Runner” and discover what it show to you.


adi said...

i will
and then tell u abt it

How do we know said...

The same thing happened to me. Read it, and then blogged abt it.. long ago.. am so glad to read ur review.

Anonymous said...

realy it was very intersting . i like these type stories .

Anonymous said...
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digital said...

Really I like fun and thriller stories.


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Aady said...

I found this novel very exciting.



eddy said...

Anonymous said... it was very intersting stories. i like this kind of stories.
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FameofLight said...


this is really great book.

Hemant Verma

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