Tuesday, June 03, 2008


the next phase of my life will begin from july 7th. i'm waiting for that day to come. and now that i have nothing to do, i'm trying to find something to keep myself busy. i have read the books again and again. and so, now the only thing that can help me o sail through this one month period is my musings.

i am waiting and so now i'm trying to find all the other people who are also waiting for soemthing to happen. and i found out that everyone, almost everyone of us are waiting for something to happen.. some days to come..

a friend is eagerly waiting for the day when she will get married. another one is waiting for the day when her folks would accept her boyfriend. some one is waiting for the start of their PhD. someone is waiting for the clearing of her visa. one girl is waiting to finish her studies and get a job. and wherever i look, i find people waiting. waiting for a bus, or a train or a taxi to come and take them home. or waiting for a day when they will be able to live a life of their own.

i'm waiting for a day when i'll enjoy reading business dailies.. :P

what are you waiting for?


chocoholic said...

i m waiting for the awesome moment wen my boards get over [:D]AND wen i hear tht i ve managed to scrape above 90%!
i kno this sounds impossible but please pray fummi! it would be HIGHLY appreciated!
loads of luck

DiNKi_M said...

I'm waiting for life in general to get better!

Abhishek said...

I am Waiting for some one to write the first comment on my blog


serenity said...

Waiting for something to snap me out of loneliness

Bedazzled said...

How very true ... We share the same background for our blogs. ;-)

dArA said...

YES!!EVERYBODY is Waiting for something else,,AND what you waiting for will ALWAYS keep changing wid time,as when you'll achieve your "wished" material, a NEW one will fill-up d WAITING-LIST,, :)

Your posts r simple yet very touching! Liked thez!Keep it up,, :)

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