Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mindless Musings

I had my birthday just a few days ago. The usual midnight calls wishing me, the endless messages (some form even unknown numbers) - everything was just as it should be. But I have changed. The Me after this birthday is not the same as ME after the last one. So I was thinking what are the changes that took place in me? Well, the question seems so philosophical. But

The answer hardly is. In fact, I don't even know if there is any answer at all. Let me look within myself to find the answer, as I carry on composing this piece.

I can talk about the changes which are very clear and open for everybody's view. I finally have written the last paper for my MBA exam. And I never want to attend any course. I have done enough for a lifetime. But speaking about such trivial things is no fun. So let me try some other angle.

I can talk about how I am hoping to get a job and getting rejected again and again. But even that's not worth mentioning. Because I'm still fighting. I may still be unemployed, but I know that I will soon get a job. That too, a decent one.

Anyway, enough of talking about what this post is not. Now allow me to talk what it is about.

As I have said at the beginning, I have changed. I have learned to let go. And finally I have learned not to look back. It took years and lot of hurt burns to learn all these. But it was worth it. Really, it was worth it.

There was a time when I used to take a stroll at midnight. Feeling amazed looking at the starlit sky. I used to talk to myself a lot. Now when I go to the terrace, it's mostly to take a puff. I do look at the stars but I do not find them amazing any more. Now they are just some celestial bodies. Learning too much can be harmful. At least for your imagination.

There are lot more changes that I prefer not to talk about. A lot of changes which are not even worth mentioning. But I have grown up a lot with each of these changes. And I feel more confident as myself. It doesn't matter anymore whether these changes are for good or not. It's ME. And I am happy being me.

I think that's what made me different from my earlier versions.


possibly devon said...

self reflection (at times) can be a hard thing to do, not in itself, but in what you find....

Mishika said...

"Learning too much can be harmful. At least for your imagination."

So true!

And letting go off things is the best gift you can give yourself. :)

Best of luck with the job interviews. :P

joven said...

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