Friday, July 23, 2010

Learning to live alone...

All my life i was never away from home except on vacations and short trips. but now, the job has made me come to Siliguri and live on my own. I am yet to get a place to live. but I am learning a lot of things by staying away from home and homely comfort.

for the job I have to wake up early and go out in field. I come back at 3 or 4 pm. and then I need to spend some more time for I really do not get much time to miss Kolkata and my home. but nevertheless, I have already realized how much I love my family. earlier I used to think that I am not much attached to my family. but now I know, you do not understand until you stay away from your family. I am loving my mother more and more everyday. I love her for all the unconditional love she has given me and will keep on giving. I talk to her so many times a day.. but I just can't say that I miss her and love her.

Living alone is quite difficult. right now I am finding washing cloths really tough. how tirelessly maa used to do all that. Now I have begin to appreciate her each and every work more. So many times I feel like quitting and going back home. but then I tell myself, it's a learning experience. all these difficulties will make me a stronger man! and I will evolve as a more matured one.

i just pray to find a home soon. then i can just ask mom to come over here and stay for a few days. I am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, let me learn how to live in a new place. and I wish one day I can go back home and make my mother proud of me!!!

Thank you maa. thank you for everything.
Everyday to me now is the mother's day!!!

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Lucifer said...

Barir chhele eto dure! :P