Saturday, August 14, 2010

Settled Down

It's been 1 month and two days since I have come to Siliguri.Well, the initial phase of trouble is gone. and slowly i am less disliking the place and liking it little by little.

washing cloths is a real pain. but then I am learning it and improving slowly.

But this 1 month have been kinda interesting,too. I have finally found a flat of my own. and I like it. I cook for myself and enjoy it,too.

finally, I am out of her shadow and her memories. its not that i never hand a revival of that. I did. but just once. otherwise, it's quite fine. With work for office and the work at home.. i do not get so much time to waste on hopeless hoping. Not anymore.

I know may be I am saying this for the 100th time, but now it seems that I have finally moved on. And I'm enjoying my single-hood.

anyway, as i have to prepare my dinner so i better stop now. Will get back once i have something interesting(anything will be more interesting than this post, at least)to share. till then...take life as it comes. You never know .. you may end up liking it.

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Lucifer said...

Single and ready to mingle.
Bah! Bhalo.