Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The weather was comfortably cold.we were walking side by side in the early hours of the autumn morning.  We were answering the unasked questions. It was as smooth like a dream.

It was one. I had mixed feelings after waking up. I was not sure how to interpret this.

But one thing I know very well. You are exiled into the distant of my dreams. Reality was not capable of capturing us into the same frame.

I know I have fallen again and again for you. But each time was different. Every time we went ahead a step but ultimately took back two. The dynamics kept on changing but the end result was same. Uou and I could never became 'us'.

I know how my mind works. I know how I tend to make the same mistake again and again knowing very well what would happen finally.  May be that was the reason why I have closed my heart.



To reality and back said...

Goodbye, huh.

It almost never is.

leennie said...

Hi there,
Just stumbled across your blog..was a nice read! Hope you have found peace with your issues!