Tuesday, May 07, 2013

one little step

since last night I was feeling very restless. there are few problems I.can't help and few I'm not ready to confront. naturally, my mood took.a deep dive in the depressing gorges.

woke up as late as I could. had a fancy lunch to cheer myself up. but got stuck due to heavy rain while coming back.

I was quite depressed while coming back to my flat. then I decided to do something. why not go for something which have brought happiness in my life since childhood .so I went to a stationary store and bought a drawing book and a box of oil pastels. I am not an artist. infact, I am terrible at drawing and painting. but that cant stop me from playing with  colours and feeling the crispness of the cartridge papers against my fingertips.

the rain has stopped by that time. and the air was cool and comforting. I returned as a happy man.

my problems are still there. those will keep on troubling me. but my life is colourful again.


Chandrima Chakraborty said...

It's amazing how little things can bring new meaning to the same old, mundane things we do. I mean, who could have thought, some silly pastels could make life meaningful once more. As a child, I remember, hating pencils and looking forward to the time when we'd be able to get hold of a pen for real. But as you grow up, those little things somehow seem so much more endearing than the endless struggle for sustenance. Life can get boring, tiresome and even crappy on certain days - but it's important to pick the pieces up and get going once more. To help you do that, laugh, sing, go crazy and basically do any random stuff that leaves you feeling elated once more. I'm doing one such thing right now, this very moment - writing, a long lost love and believe me, I'm loving every bit of it!!!

পলাতক said...

Khasa hoyechhe ...

Bong Appetite said...

True.We stop looking out for the little joys of life as we grown older