Sunday, July 31, 2005

midnight blues

just two days ago i was listening to the radio lying at my bed in the night. they were playing some mushy mushy romantic type songs which reminded me of my 1st love:SUMEDHA

she was in my clg, a year senior than me. our lovestory was only 50% sucessfull,i.e.,i was ready for it and she wasnt. we had a loads of misunderstanding and wat not. forget it.
but then at the night i realised that i just missed her birthday for a few mins. it was 0:15 of 29th july and 28th july is her birthday. cldnt control myself, wrote her a later. but with the morning all my enthusiasm was gone and the letter would never be posted. that's why i call it MIDNIGHT BLUES

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Soumyadip said...

Yeh ishq nahin aasa,
Ek aag ka dariya hain
Aur doob ke jana hain