Sunday, July 10, 2005

calling off the hills

dnt know why, but hills really fascinate me. no, this is an under statement....whenever i see the hills or even read bout them ......i feel an irresistable urge to go there. specially the hills of north east india. i'm ready to give anything for a tour in the hils of manipur, nagaland or a weekend in kalijorah or a vacation in sikkim.

now this craze for hills has reached such a level that while seeing bose the forgotten heroe, i was looking at the mountains of afghanisthan( though it was ladakh in reality).i had a feeling that i couldnt control.....i just wanna be there. wanna feel the cool breezes....wanna shiver.......wanna see the mountains......

well, wanna feel more..but my time's up in this cafe. get back to blogging later. till then bye

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Soumyadip said...

Hey!! What about the hills of Meghalaya ... you've been there