Friday, October 28, 2005

The Blog Relay Race - My Run

i'm starting my turn by cursing soumyadip again. he passed me this. anyway, here i go...

Seven things that I plan to do(and keep postponing constantly)
1.memorizing the gre vocab list
2.start studying the curriculam of my masters course
3.buying the complete works of rabindranath tagore
4.writing letters to my friends and posting them
5.going abroad to do my phd.
6. start earning
7. doing a part time job

Seven things that I can do
1. making candles
2.irritating people
3.spreading any rumour,however baseless it is
4.studying a shitty subject like botany and telling people that it's rather interesting
5.getting depressed over any thing,and i really mean anything people even after having loads of proof against them
7. talking crap

Seven things I can’t
1.riding a bicycle
3.concentrating on anything for more than 15 minutes
4.telling a convincing lie( like u soumyadip)
5. saying no to anybody smart
7.attracting girls

Seven things I say most often
1.i'll do it later
2.f**k you
3.what the hell
5.i love u (whenever i get a chance to say it to anybody)
6.u cant help it
7. curse u

Seven people I want to tag


Soumyadip said...

Save your curses, they'll come handy some other time. And I too can't whistle - the fingers in the mouth type.

Hiren said...

Why this obsession with the word seven. Fifth blog I have come across. James Bond 007? Why can't people it be 10 things you want to do. I wish though you had seven complete things in blogging as well.

Me said...

Shubho Deepabali...hope u r enjoying a lot... thanks for tagging me... but I was tagged by several friends earlier... I'll try but I cant assure..
BTW : Its Kalipuja today...enjoy..

Rahul said...

got the tag pal!! Looks like iam passing through a tag-phase