Sunday, October 23, 2005

Twenty Things About Me That I Just Discovered

i had no intention of writing anything like this. but soumyadip tricked me in i'm writing it.

1. i boozed for the first time when i was in the final year of my graduation
2. that was my only time so far.
3. i just love bitching.
4. i hire my first porno cd just a month ago
5. I'm addicted to reading Harry Potter, i just love the books
6.i hate reading russian books, have a shelf of half read books of that kind
7.i lopve irritating people until they start hating me for that.
8.i enjoy candle making, but never make them before 1 year after the deadline.
9. i love writing letters and not posting them. i have a bagfull.
10.besically i'm a loner, who gives an impression of being cool but in fact is a dumb ass.
11.i'm addicted to internate and blogging.
12. i used to send annonymous threatening letters to the brother of my grandfather, and never get caught.... favourite hobby is to find a new one always
14.i hate bullying in any form, i just can't stand it.
15. i still think that i'd be the happiest person on earth i f sumedha agrees to be with me
16. i'm an extremely lazy person.
17. i can beat anyone in forgetting things.
18. i love books
19. i have a dull mind
20. so i cant think about another thing to write about.

i cant think the names of tweenty people. but i think roopsha, debarati, rahul, zombie and khyati will follow mthis tradition.


Soumyadip said...


Abaniko said...

on #11, welcome to the club! better than drugs, eh?

shaon said...

jene khushi holam je tui nijeke haare haare chinish.. :-p