Saturday, October 22, 2005

the boy who lived

no it's not about harry potter. it's bout pritwish chatterjeeof asansol. i meet him at gaya while doing the rituals for my deceased father. after dad's death in a road accident our world crashed. but i kne that there are people with a poorer fate than me. and i meet one of them at gaya.
prithwish now studies at 9th standard. he has lost both his parents at a road accident 6 years ago. he did all the rituals sitting beside me.i couldn't help but hinking bout him.wht a poor fate he has. her sister who was severely injuredin the accident is now studying bca. i just pray for his successin life.
i still can't forget the teen age face with pimples in both checks.....
dont worry lad, i'm praying for u.. and readers plzzzz u also do.


Soumyadip said...

Life's never fair. When it gives us the worst, it gets the best out of us.

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