Thursday, November 17, 2005


i'm into hugh confusion. whenever i try to study...all the topics look alien. sometimes i really think -have i picked the right option?? whenever i heard any BE talking about his posting and salary...i thought what am i doing? the field i'm into..requires some more years before i start earning.and if i really want to be a scientist........minimum5 year is necessary.and i've to crack the gre,too.
each day i come college and attened lectures. in some classes the opening line in my notes starts with" what am i doing here?why am i attending this lecture" type of sentence. and now i don't have my usual brake...coz pc is not working properly.

only god knows what i'll do. anyway, i feel a lot better after visiting blogspot.

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Rahul said...

now you look like a prospective grad student. check out before u take the plunge....