Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Quick Post

I'm in hurry ..so writing this post very quickly.

1. Shuvo Bijoya everyone!!!

2. I'm going to Sikkim, the beautiful state, on college excursion. last excursion of our life as student..so all arrangements are made to enjoy it fully. I'm already so excited just by thinking about the weather and the wine that we'll be having..

3. it seems she's gonna be mine. she..the one I earlier blogged about... she, who told me that it could be a problem if I really fall for her..
she needs some time... she said that..but still, t seems that himalaya has something to offer my love life.

goodbye..I'l be back very soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

loong time pal...you must be a happy man...seal the deal...happy himalayas :)

Appu said...

yeah, its been a long time. u have a nice time out there kid. all the best. Well, ur blog wasnt opening on my comp for quite some time. donno why

Anonymous said...

Well, I've have just one question to ask. Is she going to the excurssion with you? ;)


Shakhi said...

Well,random blogging brought me here..and man be sure, i'll be back.Do let us know what she said.My best wishes are with u.

dwaipayan said...

I'm back friends!!!!!

the deal is not a sealed one..but we did spend some wonderful moments together... she's still thinking as she's highly confused.and I told her she can take all the time she needs

thanks for ur wishes... and ye, adi is also having the probs..but I can't help it as I have zero knowledge about html and all... so can anyone volunteer to do the help...??

anonymous Rita,
yes!!!!!we were together in this excursion...

welcome back and thanks for ur wishes..you'll be knowing what she said at each and every point.. coz my blog is the place I disclose my heart!!