Thursday, September 28, 2006

Puja Live: Sasthi

Sasthi!!! The starting of the Carnival.

I realized it's sasthi when the nearby clubs started to play some good old rabindrasangeet by some not so good singers. I went upstairs to see the actions in the thakurghar( the room for gods). My aunts were making the traditional bengali sweets there along with loads of adda. But soon I was called by my sis to handle the lights for decorating Ma Durga's surrounding. I was browsing through my Dad's collection of lights for the puja purpose. Dad is no more. But still the lights are adorning Maa Durga!!!

I woke up from an afternoon nap to find the Goddess has arrived with her sons and daughters and pets and enemy. But this year the coming is a bit different. Generally our idol resides in the priest's house and come during the pujas for someday. But this year, she has come to our place and we have no idea where she'll go back... seems like coming back of a married daughter to his maiden home for ever. well, the deity will manage her own home.

Next was the moment of dressing the idols up. and after dressing was the time for the jewelleries. We had no probs with that as my granddad has kept all the jeweleries in separate packets with a list of what jewelery is for whom. so after some hours they were ready to be presented before our eyes for the next year.

All the while I was feeling the presence of my dad and granddad in their work. of course the puja is not the same as it was used to be with them. But life continues...

happy sasthi!!!
sasthir preeti o shuvechha!!!


Anonymous said...

How come the live reporting stopped at Sashti?

Anonymous said...

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Spirit said...

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Gangadhar said...

Happy sasthi,dwai

punjabi~car~freak! said...

Enjoy Sasthi

dwaipayan said...

how could u expect that I'll continue reporting??? I have other things to do some of which are unbloggable...and hope u still remember how much lyaad I have...he he

thanks..but no thanks

et tu bruto??

thank u..thou u were a bit late to wish...but hey, it's snever too late .

I did enjoy...