Thursday, December 14, 2006


Since this July, when I met my cousin, I planned to go to delhi on christmas. I'm really fond of my cousin so this trip was something I wanted very much. but I knew that when you plan for something so earlier, it could go wrong.
my Prof wants to send me to IIT kgp to do a bit of work for our project under one of his student. we may have to go on during this christmas. but I'm not alone in this. one of my dear friend will also accompany me to there. and she really wants to go for research. and I know how good it'll be for her. so I can't say no to this trip.

yesterday i asked my prof to conirm me the dates. he asked me why and I told him about the delhi trip and that I've to cancel my tickets. he asked why? I said that I may go to delhi sometimes else but this IIt thing is a golden opportunity( though every bit of me wants to go delhi).

however, I'm telling myself that it doesn't matter. I might have a small vacation but if you know my cousin you would rather choose not to visit him. Moreover I don't think he would even bother.

anyway, it's become the destiny of my dreams to get shattered, but my habit of dreaming is still there.
tonight may be the last night for my delhidreams.

delhidreams: something you wanted so badly but yet ,you have to go away from dreams.
let me dream tonight. tomorrow could be the deathbed of my delhidreams.

dreams may die, dreaming will continue.

(adi dear, pardon me for stealing the title of your blog without asking you.couldn't resit the urge to use such a wonderful and apt name)

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Gangadhar said...

dreams may die, dreaming will continue...well said dwai..

all the best

Suresh S said...

Hold on!Cling strongly on to ur dreams, for they shalt come ture one day:)

Arz000n said...

Keep on dreaming :)
Its non-taxable....I do it all the time .... heehhe

Good luck for your upcoming project dude!!
give your best...

Vipul said...

Dreams do come true if you are ardent towards making them reality!
And as jhoon said you dont have to pay tax for dreaming!

adi said...

abe jhantu!!!
now may i ask what r ur plans for delhidreams ;)

shadows said...

my god i never knew adi cud use such explicit words......considering that i thought i knew him ......
and yeah dwaipayan....what abt ur delhidreams???i

Anonymous said...

keep on dreaming.
its life some comes true but some not.