Monday, December 25, 2006

When the Dreams Come true

After so many days of tension, apprehension, mood swings and uncertainty finally I'm in Delhi.Yes..I'm in Delhi.
The journey was fine( if I forgot the bad biriyani that I bought from mughalsarai) except the few moments when i was really got bored by lying for so long. My co passengers were nice specially the little girl who too naughty to handle. all the time I was making faces at her and she was threatening to beat me with her silent hand gestures. the train was more than 2 hours late and at the end I was really getting impatient. but everything has a positive side. and here the positive thing is that my cousin had to wait for 2 hours at the station for me. I felt so pseudo important. whatever, i like feeling important, even with the pseudo word before it.:P

the 1st day was pretty good. I did what I loved most. Roamed around the city seeing faces of people (and checking out the girls, of course). I specially liked it when i see a boy calling a street dweller to give her an ice cream. that was my moment of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all, my friends.

( i know this is a worthless post but you can't expect anything better from me, that too when i'm this live one of my dream finally)


Abaniko said...

Have fun these holidays my friend!

Anonymous said...

this signifies u r a beautiful person from heart.