Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The general papers are finished. I'm sure the profs would be astonished after seeing my brilliantly bad performance in the answer script. Now the remaining theory paper is Microbiology. some microbes tried to show their gratitude ( for me studying microbiology) by giving me a gift of common cold. If I ignore my running nose, the cold gave me good many excuses not to study & sleep off anytime, blaming that on the medicine I took a week ago.
Anyway, as the exam is scheduled to be tomorrow; I should be studying. but before going to resume my studies on antibiotic resistance, let me acknowledge certain things without which the exam would be even more pathetic. So here goes the list:

  1. Nescafe or occasionally lemon tea, which helped me to keep my eyelids open at those late hours.
  2. ITC for obvious reasons[ my earlier brand gold flake is now a fantasy, thanks to the budget 2007. to cut the cost a bit, smoking special nowadays instead of flake.]
  3. The Black table lamp, which came handy when the tube light was not working.
  4. The terrace of our home: the best place for late night strolls
  5. My friend Debarchana Sarkar, the instant doubt clearing person. Just give her a call, & she'd tell u answer to any question, structure of any chemical compound in fact... simply anything.
  6. Copiers, Scanners & emails: I don' t think I need to discuss the usage of copier. scanned copies of notes are often coming as email attachment.
  7. Harry Potter books. whenever I got bored by Botany, I started reading potter. Reader's digest was also of great help.
There are many more things, but the above mentioned 7 helped me most. hope they would helped me to combat the 4 hour long paper of tomorrow. wish me luck...


atma said...

@dw: r u MOST nut /idiot person of this world????.......SUCH A SILLY POST....WHO'LL READ UR BOARING DIARY????....initially i thought this site is interesting, but ur some posts prove that this SITE is really a MEANINGLESS CRAP!!thoo thoo

atma said...

...really MEANINGLESS CRAP!!....plse QUIT frm BLOG-WORLD ...It'll a relief 4 all of us!! :lol:

sudipto said...

are why r u gettin so nervous???
all may be in d same situation,so don't worry.take 1 of those 7 & re-laxx!

adi said...

now what sweetheart ;)

Abaniko said...

"The terrace of our home: the best place for late night strolls."

Wow. That must be a very big terrace huh? Cheers!

deepti said...

hey sweetheart.
exam khatam aapke?

adi said...

blogrolled :)

Anonymous said...

how did it go?

adi said...


dharmabum said...

yeah, those studious ones can really be helpful during exam times. thanks god for the nerd. helpful ones at that.

jarvarm said...

how're you,dwai?
Me back to blogging..