Monday, May 21, 2007

one down;2+1 yet to go

One year of sleeping in the class, doing free association writing instead of taking the class notes. studying very little in the month long study leave & finally start studying in the last 10 days. mounting tension bout the exam results in excessive smoking. ll the time I just keep saying to myself... just 1 week more..just 4 days more.. just 2 more days.. just more day.. and finally paper is over. with my performance in the answer script, I'd better not talk bout the exam ...I'll just say it's over..I'll never ever have to study bryophytes, pteridophytes and plynology. just a bit more for the grand viva.
anyway...I have t focus myself for ecology, gymnosperm and paleobotny now. for 2 more dys only...just 2 days..

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Abaniko said...

I hate memorizing stuff for exams. That's why I love Math because you only need to remember short formulas and you're on your own.

BTW, I thought you have left the blogosphere for good. Now, I have to restore my link to your site. But I'm glad you're back, buddy. Blog on....