Thursday, May 17, 2007

Morning walk. Pteridophytes and Another SleeplessNight

slept for 4am to 5 am. phone calls started coming since midnight. some scraps in orkut. had a slice of fruit cake. went out on a morning stroll along with my cousin Vikram. Collected some plants to make herbariums. had a glass of sugary tea along with plenty of milk. feed a biscuit to the stray dogs.

and I've to manage the pteridophytes along with the bryophytes today. last night couldn't study much as my lazy mind gave me less study as a gift. and the 25th year of my life is history now.

she called up near about 00:30am. just when after attending two calls I was wondering why she hasn't called up and the phone rang with the CLI showing her number. we talked for some time. of course, about exams and our preparations and suggestions.

so what life has given me in the last year??
well.... it's better to put it in point wise (the practice may come handy in the exams which is starting from Monday). so here they are:
  1. appearing in the exams with a BAD preparation and getting a good marks...I love my proffs
  2. the vacation in shillong
  3. oly oly olyyyyyy
  4. the excursion to Sikkim overwhelmed with THE illusion
  5. The Delhi trip during Christmas
  6. 4 new friends in my life: Varsha, Aklanta, Adi and Deepti
  7. Meeting TAJ
  8. Not much to mention except so many marriages of my loved ones...
here ends the list. Let's see what this year unfolds. I might do another master's. or I might start working ( hello!!!! anybody wanna hire me????). but one thing is sure... I'm back in your life to irritate you once again



Soumyadip said...

It's past the midnight hour. Hope you had a wonderful day.

deepti said...

=) tumhari pitai honi hi chahiye...
Prepare well n good luck n a very happy b'day frm Adee...

sudipto said...

ekta somoy chhilo jakhon eidintai amra ek sathe thaktum, kintu 5 bochhor bade toke wish korte pere bhalo lagchhe!

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