Thursday, January 05, 2006


1. Kissed your cousin: hmmm......noooooo
2. Pictured your crush naked: crush.i didnt. girlfriend i did
3. Skipped school: loads of times during my+2.used to go school 3days a week only.and in these days,too, used to attend practical classes only
4. Broken someone’s heart: i did.
5. Cried when someone died: Yes.
6. Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: yeah!!!just ask my college mates.
7. Broke a bone: fortunately NOOO.
8. Done something embarrassing: I'm an expert in this.
9. Lied: did lots of time. but prefer not to unless emargency

10. Coke or Pepsi: hmmm...pepsi, i suppose??
11. Sprite or 7UP: seven up.
12. Girls or Guys: girls obviously
13. Flowers or Candy: flowers, i just love to disect it and examine it under the simple microscope.
14. Scruff or Clean shaved: Clean shaved…but due to my lazyness most of the time i'm unshaved
15. Blondes or Brunettes: no one
16. Tea or Coffee: tea in college canteen or in the college field, but it need to be red tea. coffee if somone is treating or black coffee at home in winteror anytime
17. Tall or Short: tall, but not taller than me
18. Trousers or Skirts: trousers,undoubtedly
19. Night or Day:'s good for lots of things

20. What do you notice first: looks and dignity
21. Like Being Spanked: well...what do u think???
22. Worst Question For Him/Her to ask: will u be with me?

23. Showered: yesterday, though unwillingly
24. Stepped outside: Just came back home after a day at college
25. Had Sex: oh man! i'm still virgin!!!!

26. Ever been Engaged/ Married: no
27. Your Good luck charm: nothing special. but harry is my bad luck charm
28. Person You Hate Most: one in the family
29. Best Thing That Has Happened Recently: getting back to presidency
30. Picture on your desktop: none. its a black screen. though i was thinking of putting the picture of a dna double helix
31. Color: Black, Blue,Red
32. Movies: romantic movies or the intelligent comedies. and the american pies
33. Artist or band: none special
34. Cars: dream of owning one one day
35. Ice Cream: my mouth is watering.
36. Alcoholic Drink: woud like to try the cocktails; had rum only and it's BAD
37. Food: I love eating anykind of edible thing
38. Makes you laugh the most: hary and debarati and shaon
39. Makes you smile: sreya
40. Can make you feel better: shakri and sreya and suryadipa
41. Has a crush on you: all the girls of my ug class at a time.but it stayed only for 1 to 2 days only
. Would you be if you could choose: myself
43. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: arpita aka dodo aka putirani

44. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone all night: not all night but all day
45. Save MSN conversations: did yahoo
46. Save E-mails: since i've started using gmail, i save all the emails
47. Forwarded secret e-mails: yeah yeah i did
48. Wish you were someone else: not actually
49. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex:nope
50. Wear perfume: occassionally
51. Laugh a lot: always do
52. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: whenever i have an off day

53. Fallen for your best friend? nooooo
. Made out with JUST a friend? naaaaa
55. Kissed two people in the same day? same day?? no, kissed only one so far that to once so far in my life
56. Had sex with two different people in the same day? what???irrevalent
57. Been Rejected? yes
58. Been In Love? hmmm.its heaven
59. Been In Lust? sometimes
60. Used Someone? yup
61. Been Used? yeah
62. Dumped Someone? yes
63. Been Cheated On? yes
64. Back Doored It? never
65. Done Something You Regret? yes. and i really regret doing so

66. You Touched? a guy frm chemistry dept. i've forgotten his name. we shaked hand while i was coming home
67. You Talked To? grandmom
68. You Tickled? soutik, the cartoon of our class…
69. You Instant Messaged? shiladitya
70. You Kicked? shoutik again
71. You Yelled At? bipasha, i was lokking for such an oppertunitty and i got that
72. You Dreamed About? dnt remember. the last one i remember was my sis
73. Who Text Messaged You? banby.
74. Who Broke Your Heart? well. leave it
75. Who Told You They Loved You? my ex and my pal's sis

76. Color Your Hair? NO
77. Have Tattoos? NO
78. Have Piercings? no
79. Own A Webcam? no
80. Own A Thong? NOOOO
81. Own More Than 10 Pairs Of Shoes? 4only.
82. Speak A Language Besides English? bengal and hindi,though the hindi speaking people say my hindi is something else
83. Buy Designer? nope
84. Ever Get Off The Damn Computer? well........i think i did

85. Stolen Anything? probably.
86. Smoke? yes
87. Schizophrenic? No way.
88. Obsessive? A lot…
89. Bipolar? ???
90. Compulsive? Nope
91. Panic? Yup, I panic very easily
92. Anxiety? most of the times
93. Stressed? sometimes
94. Glad This Quiz Is Over? finally its over. man i'm so happy

after writing so much my body needs rest. so people, do tag urself if u like this essay type post. its fun to do it. and soumyadip, even if u dnt like it.u'll do it. coz i'm tagging u


Arz000n said...

Thanks for taking the tag..

Showered: yesterday, though unwillingly

Soumyadip said...

Damn! Why the hell do you throw all these stuff my way? I'll take the tag along but on your blog as a comment. Give me some time.

Abaniko said...

You really hate Soumyadip, don't you? Hehe.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oooo .... u also took this never-ending tag....

These tags help know a person better ... so twas good knowing more abt u!

rock on!

debarati said...

hello toilet paper , when did ALL d ug grls have a crush on u haa? sala baje kotha lekhar jayga paoni !! amar sala tor opore crush ta kobe holo shuni? [grrrr]

btw ami ki cartoon? je ami toke shobcheye beshi hashai? swayamjit and shaon to du duto joljyanto cartoon, oder sathe amar naam newate ami dukhho bodh korchhi !! waaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa

anthony said...

It was one long tag i firstread at Arzoon's

Mirage said...

Gawd...u sure have a LOT of patience to be able to finish this!

Question: WHY dyu dissect flowers!!??

Anyway, nice answers tho! :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Speak A Language Besides English? bengal and hindi,though the hindi speaking people say my hindi is something else

hehee hahaa!