Tuesday, January 03, 2006

college election vs democracy

I used to think voting and taking part in an election is the democratic right of everyone,until today.
tomorrow is the student's general election of presidency college,kolkata; i.e;my college.i've filed a dummy nomination and my friend shakri is running for the post of CR from our pg1 of botany dept.both of us are supporting IC,the independent consolidation; the ruling party of college.

today i got a call from the opposition. they asked politely me not to take part.i cut the line and switch off the phone.
at night 7 or 8 people came to my home.only one was from our college . rest were from CPI(M),the mother party of SFI,the opposition. they told me that there will be probs tomorrow at college and i better not to go. also i should not contact anyone and it'd be better if i detach my sim card. and there will be two helpful people who will guard our door, so that i can not go out of house tomorrow. very nice. i just wonder that so helpful people exists in todays world.

my sis, a journo, called someone who is at a top position of SFI in state level. she has a personal relationship with him. and he assured me to go college and to call him directly if i face any kind of problem. he also told me that he has given the necessary instructions.

so i'm a bit relieved. but still, i dont know what will happen tomorrow. but isnt it undemocratic to threaten somone like that. it could be someone else with no connections. what would happen then????

what do u think??????


Ash said...

this is the world my child .....
wake up and be a part of it ....

that apart...many things are fair in this world but politics is a different ball game all together and our ethical, moral rules and values is of no button hole importance to them...

but tell u something it wasn't easy either for me to win a college election with no party around .....the policy was anything is fair is love and this is "WAR"

happy new year and all the best .....win and make changes


d4u said...

I agree with the above comment. Everything is fair in love and this is definitely the battlefield!! So go for it...do not be afraid if what you are doing is right!! All the best:)

Soumyadip said...

Our 'leaders' have made politics a dirty profession. As they say 'Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel.' We live in a make-believe democracy. If true democracy existed, the present day situation in West Bengal and many other states would have been very different. It is precisely why 'good' people do not prefer to venture into politics. Thankfully all the educational institutions I studied in didn't have elections based on party affiliations. Therefore I escaped facing the situation that you have.

Debalina said...

I read what happened in the general elections in your college!
Perhaps,its power vs democracy !

Apoplexy said...

shame on sfi and cpm.
but then urbanite hai-hui crowd of ic is also responsible for a lot of rot in presicol.
the ic left and pdsf needs to forge forces against these two useless and bogus elements.